Friday, November 19

Videography: A Wedding Day Must!

Exciting news! Well… it is for me, anyway. Our wedding DVD finally arrived! As soon as my husband can get it edited and chopped into segments, I’ll be posting bits and pieces on the blog. The entire uncut version is over four hours long!! We got some great raw footage that really captures the excitement, emotion, and busy-ness of our day. When watching the video playback, I was actually really surprised by how much more calm and collected I appeared than how I actually felt. On the wedding day itself, my perspective was that everything was extremely hectic and that my inclination to control everything was very obvious. But looking back now, I realize that the day was much more relaxed and fluid than what I’d remembered. It was refreshing to see that my memory of the day wasn’t necessarily how things really were, and through the video, I gained another perspective on how the day realistically went down. I got to see what it was like in the Groom’s preparation room as they got ready (which obviously I didn’t experience for myself), and I had the opportunity to see footage from just before the reception started as well as the cocktail hour since we weren’t present during either. I love that Joe and I will be able to share the footage not only with our family and friends who couldn’t (and even those could!) be there on the big day, but also that we’ll be able to show the video to our children some day. I even fully anticipate pulling the DVD out on occasional anniversaries, just to reflect and remember how much fun we had on that awesome day. Not only is videography valuable for catching up on all the things that get missed during the natural chaos of the day, but it’s also essential for remembering the wedding day as it was throughout the decades to come.
If you are deciding whether or not to include videography in your budget, I would hands-down recommend it. Since the wedding day totally flew by, and because I couldn’t be in more than one place at one time to witness all my hard work and planning in action, the videography allowed me the chance to reflect on the day as a whole and see things from an outsider’s perspective. Don’t think you have to spend a huge chunk of budget for videography either! We found an amazing deal by agreeing to have the video provided as raw footage instead of an edited version. This saved on a lot of the cost, but also let us witness some hilarious moments on the video that might have otherwise been cut out. I would also recommend not asking someone you know to film it. Our videographer followed us around for eight continuous hours! You don’t want to burden a friend or family member with that responsibility if you also want them to relax and have a good time. Just do the research, and you’ll soon discover that the deals are out there that allow you to have YOUR dream wedding on YOUR budget.
And since I haven’t gotten around to posting actual recaps yet, I thought I’d at least share some sneak-peek photos by our amazing photographer at Amanda Forbes Photography. This is just a teaser… I’ll share plenty more photos once we they are finished being edited in the next couple of weeks and my recaps finally begin. So stay tuned!
IMG 3588 600x899 Videography: A Wedding Day Must!
IMG 3608 600x899 Videography: A Wedding Day Must!
IMG 3624 600x899 Videography: A Wedding Day Must!

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  1. I completely agree with you! I am so glad we decided to hire a videographer, especially since we originally weren't going to. Your photos are gorgeous, and I can't wait to see the video clips.