Monday, October 25

My Picks for the Times Square Bride!

I’m so excited for the Times Square Bride and can’t wait to watch as her wedding unfolds with the help of Get Married readers! If you haven’t already, head over to the website where you can vote on many of the wedding details, like invitations, favors, wedding party gifts, and more! Check out my top picks for their big day…
invitespick My Picks for the Times Square Bride!
Although all are great choices, I voted for the Skyline invitation because I thought it was most reflective of their NYE in NY theme. Very modern and chic!
favorspick My Picks for the Times Square Bride!
For the favors, I really liked the champagne boxes because they kept in the NYE theme, but nothing could top the adorable snowflake ornaments! I thought about what I would most like to receive if I were a guest at their wedding, and the ornaments were an easy choice because of their creativity and practicality. They are also symbolic of the chilly December weather in New York, so they are still relative to the New Years theme.
Bridesmaid Gifts
maidspick2 My Picks for the Times Square Bride!
I had a harder time voting for the bridesmaid gifts. I thought the flip flops seemed more appropriate for a beach wedding, so it was between the clutch or the cosmetic kit. In the end, the clutch won my vote since they would look super cute with the Bride’s idea of black bridesmaid dresses, and also since the clutch is extremely versatile. I could definitely see it being used to dress up an outfit, or even used as a simple makeup travel bag!
Groomsmen Gifts
groomspick My Picks for the Times Square Bride!
For the groomsmen gifts, I selected the travel kit. I know my own groom (now husband!) carries a handful of toiletries when he travels so I thought this would be a practical gift for any guy on the go. The gym bag would have been my second pick, as it can also be used as a travel bag… very creative!
What were your top picks for the Times Square Bride?