Wednesday, September 29

It's all happening!

So my fiance and I made it to St. Louis, and it’s all finally happening! The past four days have absolutely flown by since we arrived, and now we’re just 3 days away from the wedding. THREE! That sounds incredibly weird to say out loud.
We drove through the night Friday and arrived very early Saturday morning. My fiance drove the entire way and we stopped just three times for gas fill ups, making the entire trip it in a record time of a little over 14 hours. After arriving at my mom’s house where we are staying during our visit, I slept for a few hours before excitement woke me and I convinced Joe to drive with me around the city for some shopping and errands. We dropped my dress off at the boutique where we’d purchased the maids’ dresses so I could have it pressed, then we picked up Joe’s tux from Men’s Wearhouse. Later that night I was whisked away by my Maid of Honor and Bridesmaids to a wonderful bachelorette party evening. First we met with my mom, aunts, grandma, and Joe’s mom and sisters at a mexican restaurant where there was lots of fun and laughter as I opened gifts of underwear. As I was opening each mysteriously unmarked gift, I was supposed to guess who it was from. It was a difficult game and I think I only guessed two or three on the first try, but it was all in fun. After we finished a delicious dinner and drinks, the maids and a few other friends took me to downtown St. Louis where we enjoyed more drinks and some dancing. We even spiced up the evening with some all-too-sexy neon bob wigs and got lots of attention for our “Lady Gaga” look (as so many people described us). Bachelorette Party #2: Epic! Enjoy a few pics:
photo 8 600x450 Its all happening!
Me and my Sis (Maid of Honor)
photo 5 600x450 Its all happening!
Having Fun Unwrapping the Mysterious Panties
photo 4 600x450 Its all happening!
The Entire Group!
 Its all happening!
Just the Maids and Friends
Sunday was intended to be a restful, relaxing day, but as always during wedding preparation week, the unexpected is prone to happen. Joe had told me we needed to attend an anniversary party for his aunt and uncle, so we needed to dressed nicely and be ready to go at 2 pm. As usual, I lounged around until the very last minute and therefore was forced to rush around frantically getting ready, but we made it to the party fashionably (30 minutes?) late. Except, when we arrived, it wasn’t just a party with Joe’s side of the family. To my surprise, it was actually a “shower” party for Joe and I, and my side of the family and friends were also all in attendance!! Since Joe and I live in Florida and don’t often get up to St. Louis to visit, it was a great opportunity to see friends that I hadn’t seen since last year, especially since I probably won’t get to spend as much time with those individuals as I would like at the reception this weekend. So although I was entirely exhausted from the drive up and the bachelorette party, the 8 hours of combined sleep from the past two nights weren’t enough to keep me from having a good time. The food and decor was absolutely wonderful and in a Japanese theme since Joe is half Japanese. The cake they’d gotten us had the DIY invitation transposed onto sugar, so we got a chance to actually eat an edible version of the invitation we’d worked so hard on! It was really creative and thoughtful. The shower was a wonderful surprise from Joe’s family and a great way to kick off the week’s festivities. (Pics coming soon!)
Monday was just as busy as the first two days since it had begun with an early meeting with my hairstylist for a hair cut and a highlight. That literally consumed my morning, and I was in a bit of a rush to run around gathering the last-minute supplies needed to finish Joe’s wedding gift. I ended up working on it literally ALL DAY… I didn’t meet up with Joe again until 8:00 that evening! It was so much work but I think he is really going to like what I’ve put together as his surprise wedding gift, and I’ll be sure to reveal the big secret in my recaps after we get back from the honeymoon.
Tuesday was spent running errand after errand and was almost just as hectic as the first few days. We met with the owner of Goodies for Guests to pick up our welcome baskets for out of town guests before meeting for lunch with my dad and grandparents, who flew in from Florida on Monday night. My grandma absolutely loved the welcome baskets, which contained all sorts of snacks and treats specific only to St. Louis:
photo 9 600x555 Its all happening!
After lunch we were busy shopping for silly photobooth props when my mom called and asked when we planned to apply for the marriage license. I’d totally forgotten about one of THE most important parts of my to-do list!! We decided to immediately get it over with since it was obviously at the top of our priority list, so we drove 45 minutes to apply for the license. Luckily, in the state of Missouri, you don’t have to be a Missouri resident and you can get the license instantly — there is no waiting period or blood work to be done before you are approved. So the process was entirely painless and we walked out of the office with the official marriage license in hand! That was really exciting.
OurLicense Its all happening!
The rest of the evening was spent organizing centerpiece kits, writing thank you notes, and wrapping attendant gifts. I think we are almost there with getting everything done… it’s finally all happening!!


  1. 3 days away! Ahhh! Wish I could've been there to celebrate but I get to see you in 2 days which is awesome. Love the pics and I am sooo curious on Joes wedding gift! Can't wait to find out :)

  2. I am so excited for you, Rachel! Your party looked like a blast, and it's so awesome that everyone surprised you with a shower. Your welcome baskets look fabulous, too. Enjoy every minute of your day and really take it all in in. You've poured so much love and passion into planning your wedding that I know you'll have a wonderful day. :)

  3. See you soon Jenna! Heather, thanks so much for the kind words and advice!!