Thursday, July 1

My (Serious) Addiction to Bridal Mags

I still remember my first bridal magazine, gifted to me from my mom just days after becoming engaged. It was Modern Bride with Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson on the cover for “Bride Wars”. Is it weird that a year and half later, I still refuse to get rid of it?

From there, collecting bridal magazines quickly turned into an addiction. Once I got the local mags for free from a Bridal Show, my list of subscriptions soon expanded to include Brides MagazineGet MarriedMartha Stewart WeddingsThe Knot national and regional mags, Bridal Guide, and a few more that I can’t even remember the names of. Initially, I kept ALL of them… I literally had a massive stack piled against our dining room wall that was taller than I am at 5’-7”. My Fi finally intervened and said I had to come to my senses and recycle them. “NO!” I cried, “Someone else could use these!” They were still practically brand new considering I’d read each magazine in its entirety within a single day after getting it in the mail. And even though they had all been thoroughly explored, each one had seemingly remained untouched! (I’m sure I had subconsciously been extra careful to not wrinkle each glistening page as it was turned.) In my mind, I just couldn’t destroy perfectly useful bridal magazines.

Luckily, a girl at my work eventually became engaged and fell for my trap when I asked her if she wanted to inherit my bridal magazine collection. I tried forewarning her about the size of the lot, but you should have seen how big her eyes were when I plopped about 5 bags full of bridal magazines onto her desk; I KNOW she thought I was psychotic. Just a month or two after that, I’d already acquired a new stack that was growing by the week, so I brought them to work once again in hopes that my coworker would take them. “No thanks, I still need to read the first ones you brought me,” she quickly refused. So, to this day, I still have a stack of about ten wedding magazines sitting on my desk at work. One day I’ll find the courage to recycle them!

magazineaddiction My (Serious) Addiction to Bridal Mags

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