Thursday, June 10

Say Cheese! Photobooth Fun at the Reception

Although it didn’t seem possible with our tight budget, at the top of my “wedding wishlist” was a photobooth for the reception. A fairly new trend to the wedding industry, photobooths are quickly gaining in popularity thanks to their continuous entertainment for guests during the reception or cocktail hour. Often they can be as expensive as over $1,000 for a 4-hour rental, but I refused to allow this hefty price to intimidate me! Determined to find a booth that was still attainable within our budget but also provided outstanding picture quality, I scoured the internet and researched reviews until I finally found our perfect match. Not only were my fiance and I impressed by the excellent picture quality of Party Pix Booth, but we also got an amazing deal that will allow guests to use the booth limitlessly throughout the reception without breaking the bank. And because we’re also getting a CD-rom with copies of the images taken throughout the party, we’ll get to see every one of the goofy and silly shots that our guests pose for! I definitely can’t wait to pull my groom in the booth for a little smooch cameo. Check out these cute photobooth examples I found online:
weddingaces 600x897 Say Cheese! Photobooth Fun at the Reception
(Photo by
weddingchicks Say Cheese! Photobooth Fun at the Reception
(Photo by
buttermediaCA 600x400 Say Cheese! Photobooth Fun at the Reception
(Photo by
If you’re in the St. Louis area, you’ll definitely want to check out the awesome deals at since they offer several different packages that can be personalized to fit within any thrifty bride’s budget. I look forward to sharing our photobooth snapshots with you in October!


  1. I love the various backdrops you use....those are so cute!

  2. I love those photobooth.
    Hope we can fit it on our budget somehow :-).