Monday, June 21

A Passion for Bridal Fashion

I would be absolutely thrilled if I found some way to include a gorgeous clutch purse that matches my wedding gown into our tight budget. Unfortunately I never cared much about fashion until after I’d caught the Bride Flu, and thus after I’d already made our budget, but now I’m literally obsessed with gowns, hairpieces, shoes, purses… anything related to wedding fashion. I wish I’d accounted for more funds being spent on wedding fashion from the start, because now I’m just left drooling at accessories that I simply can’t afford.  You already know from a recent post that I’m a huge fan of the Etsy marketplace, but while perusing through all the unique styles to find something that matches my bridal gown (and within my budget!), I was totally impressed by how talented and crafty people can be in designing wedding purses. Check out my favorite picks below… You might just find a style perfect for your wedding gown or for your bridesmaids!
 EtsyAllThingsPretty A Passion for Bridal Fashion
Waterfall Mermaid Clutch Bag by All Things Pretty; $295

EtsyPercyHandmade A Passion for Bridal Fashion
Ivory and Cream Silk Charlie Clutch by Percy Handmade; $65

EtsyClutchThat A Passion for Bridal Fashion
Peacock Feathers Silk Brocade Clutch by Clutch That; $75

EtsyAngeew A Passion for Bridal Fashion
Passion Ivory Bridal Clutch with Ostrich Feathers by Angee W.; $70

EtsyDavieandChiyo A Passion for Bridal Fashion
Oreo Ruffle Trim Clutch by Davie and Chiyo; $75

EtsyParisxox A Passion for Bridal Fashion
Night at the Ballet Bridal Satin Clutch by Paris XOX; $65

EtsyMollusa2 A Passion for Bridal Fashion
Small Simple Bridesmaid Clutch by Mollusa; $39

EtsyDavieandChiyo2 A Passion for Bridal Fashion
Pretty Pleats Clutch by Davie and Chiyo; $75
 Are you using a clutch purse on you wedding day? If so, are you making it yourself or buying it from somewhere?


  1. Wow! Those are super cute, especially the last three! I borrowed my sister’s clutch for the wedding day, and also found a pretty embroidered handkerchief. But you know what? The day was so busy that I really didn’t end up using either one. They both sat in the bride’s room, along with my emergency kit and other things, while I was out having fun! I do still love the idea, though.

  2. I'm not planning on having a purse of any kind on the day, but I did buy some as gifts for my bridal party :)