Saturday, June 5

My Wedding Weekend Shopping Spree

Move over, Jessica Simpson! There’s a new sexy shoe designer in town! I am LOVING the new line of gorgeous heels — wedding styles included — from Paris Hilton’s brand. So much so that this morning I ordered a hot pair for our Rehearsal Dinner, which might even double as my reception shoes! Check em out…
harmony polyvore My Wedding Weekend Shopping Spree
Paris Hilton Harmony by
I was on quite the spending frenzy today and also purchased my bridal hair accessory from Etsy. But that’s not all… I also bought my WEDDING GOWN shoes!! That’s right… I finally made a decision! But you didn’t think I’d actually reveal my selection, did you? Like my dress, the shoes will have to remain a mystery until the day when they will dazzle is finally here…
Today was also the day that I found the perfect bridesmaid gifts and checked the attendant gifts off my to-do-list. But perhaps the most exciting purchase this weekend was our wedding bands! Joe and I were running a quick errand at the mall and as we strolled toward the mall exit and passed a few jewelry stores, some catchy window advertising caught my eye. Joe must have noticed my enticement because he suggested we stop into one of the stores just to “take a look”. A very sweet woman with a thick Greek accent immediately greeted us and began helping us search for what we needed. Believe it or not, just five minutes later and after trying on only one band, I was SOLD! Mind you, this was not the first trip Joe and I had made to shop for our bands. We had began the search on Valentine’s Day and I’d tried on a dozen wrong rings before finally choosing this one that matched my engagement ring with perfection. Even better, a weekend sale on the store’s jewelry put the ring UNDER our budget! I couldn’t have been more excited! But the shopping spree wasn’t complete until we found Joe’s ring. Made of  dark tungsten, two-toned and shiny, the ring was already in his exact size. It also fit right into our budget, and we wasted no time in purchasing the bands, thus checking one more thing off our to-do list. So without further ado, here’s my band! Love it!! And just below is Joe’s very handsome wedding ring…
zales ring1 My Wedding Weekend Shopping Spree
TRITON 11 2336CE G 525X600 CHARCOAL My Wedding Weekend Shopping Spree
What are your most recent to-do list accomplishments?

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