Friday, June 4

Help me choose my Bridal Shoes!

I totally underestimated how difficult it would be to choose a pair of shoes to complement my champagne-colored wedding gown. Not because the selection is lacking, but because, like selecting just one gown, there are too many that I love to actually make up my mind! I’m envisioning something in a high heel but not so much that I can’t walk, something open-toed so my tootsies can breathe, something very different and trendy to match the style of my gown, and something that doesn’t put our attire budget over the limit. I spent some time yesterday browsing and and discovered some pretty gorgeous styles that are making it hard to choose just one pair. Which ones of these are your favorite?
Nina Clova Time to choose my bridal shoes!
Nina Clova by

Nina Elga Time to choose my bridal shoes!
Nina Elga by

Nina Evalora Ls Time to choose my bridal shoes!
Nina Evalora by

Nina Xion Time to choose my bridal shoes!
Nina Xion by

Paris Hilton Suarey Time to choose my bridal shoes!
Paris Hilton Suarey by

Caparros Lidia Time to choose my bridal shoes!
Caparros Lidia by

I’ve also been thinking about a fun, bright shoe color to go with my white reception/post-party dress. Pink is my favorite color and is also one of our wedding colors, so I’m leaning towards something like this:
Nina Effie Time to choose my bridal shoes!
Nina Effie by 

Tell me, where did you find your bridal shoes? Would you ever buy shoes online without trying them on first?


  1. I don't think I would buy my wedding shoes online without trying them first...but surfing online definitely helps!! I am so in love with Badgley Mischka's collection but still haven't found the "perfect" one.


  2. I LOVE the pink pair!!! That would be super cute especially if your dress is champagne. I'd say "nay" to the second pair...they're super cute but I've seen a TON of brides wearing those lately, so they're definitely trendy but not different!

    Good Luck! I can't wait to see what you pick!