Thursday, June 24

100 Day Countdown!

I’ve been counting down to the wedding since day 500-something, but today officially marks the 100-day countdown! When I think back to everything I’ve done over the past 18 months, I’m amazed at how much time and thought I’ve put into this wedding as a whole. Fortunately, having such a long engagement — 22 months by the time it actually happens — has really made the entire process so much easier and less stressful. I didn’t even realize just how much work I’ve done until I really thought about all of it, bit by bit, yesterday. All the phone calls, emails, research, price comparisons, bartering, more researching… it’s really been a lot to handle. But the entire planning process truly has been an overall enjoyable experience since I was able to take on each aspect one day at a time. I can’t imagine how I’d have handled everything with, say, a 6-month engagement. I just can’t picture having had to do the scheduling and budgeting and planning, all at the same time, with a short-term engagement. It seems like an impossibility unless you have help from a lot of other people!

100day 300x147 Engagements and Gowns 
Those who’ve been following my blog know that my wedding is taking place in Missouri (where I’m from originally) but that my fiance and I live in Florida. So not only are we planning the entire wedding from another state, but ALL of my bridesmaids and both of our parents all live in Missouri as well. It’s literally just my fiance and I planning the entire thing from a distance. So as if planning a wedding wasn’t challenging enough, imagine doing it from across the country and with minimal assistance. Certainly no easy task. I’m so thankful now that we’d set up such a long engagement, thus allowing us enough time to plan everything to perfection. I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way, and my #1 recommendation to new brides is that no matter how big or how small your wedding is, plan for a minimum of a one year engagement. It seems like a long time, but you’ll quickly learn that with all there is to do, all the time in the world couldn’t be enough. You’ll be so much less stressed when you can plan things as smaller parts instead of as one big whole. Besides, you’re only “engaged” for a short period of your life… why not enjoy that time as much as possible?! With a longer engagement, I really feel like I’ve milked it for all it’s worth and now I’m fully prepared to move onto the next step as a Mrs.  
veilsilhouettebride Engagements and Gowns
Once we were engaged in December 2008, I wasted no time in beginning the search for my wedding gown. It was a good thing I got started when I did… nearly two years seemed like enough time to find a gown, but it would take me about 50 dresses, 8 stores, and 15 months to finally say yes to THE dress. The problem was not that I didn’t like any gowns I tried, the problem was that I loved most all of them! But eventually it was a Fall 2010 gown by designer Maggie Sottero that made me giddy enough to buy it the very same day I tried it on. I had to avoid watching Say Yes to the Dress and viewing bridal magazine ads as much as possible because I didn’t want to doubt my decision. It was hard enough to choose just one, so I couldn’t afford to come across any other dress that would make me stray away from the one I’d committed to. Now, here I am exactly 100 days from the wedding, and this morning I received the long-awaited and much anticipated phone call from the Honey Pot Boutique in Largo, Florida… my dress has finally arrived! After several agonizing months of waiting for it to be handmade (I am one of the very first brides to order it since it was just introduced), it is finally here!! I’ll be fitted for MY OWN WEDDING GOWN this Saturday afternoon!! But don’t expect me to post any pictures just yet. No one gets to see the dress until October 2nd!
Each month I feature a reader-poll right here on my blog. April’s poll asked brides how long their engagement was (or will be). Of the 13 responses, nearly HALF said they were planning their wedding over a 6-12 month span. Almost a quarter of brides said they were taking between one and two years to plan their big day, and the short engagements of 6 months or less tied the long engagements of two years or more at 15%. Based on the poll it seems as though the one-to-two year engagements are most popular, and it’s definitely for good reason. Then theMay poll asked readers how much they were spending on their wedding gown. Sixteen brides sounded off with 25% of brides saying they were spending between $200 and $599.  The most popular category at 37% was the $600-$999 range, and 18% said they were spending between $1000 and $1499. More impressive was the 12% that said they were spending over a whopping $2000! Lucky girls!
To participate in the June poll topic, find it on the top right corner of this page and tell me: What is your worst wedding day nightmare?!
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  1. I remember the 100 day goes by so fast from here. Get ready! I had most everything done with about a month to go other than things you absolutely could not do until the last minute after things like RSVP's came in.

    And you know I agree with the whole longer engagement thing as that is my mantra too...milk it for all it's worth!

    I can't wait to see your Maggie gown since I was a Maggie bride, too! I, too started to doubt my decision and envied other gowns having bought mine 10 months before the big day but on the day of and after seeing photos I knew I made the right decision. I love it!

  2. Congratulations! So exciting!