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My Updated Wedding Checklist

Just today I was just perusing through some of my older blogs and realized the last time I reviewed my To-Do list was in December of last year! It’s comforting to look back and see how much we’ve accomplished in the past five months even though the time has entirely flown by. Still, there are more and more things to be done, and we have only four and a half months left until the big day is here! Here’s where we are currently at in the planning process with a 143-day countdown…

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Writing the Ceremony
After much research with books and online resources, I finally got the entire ceremony nailed down. It’s a nonreligious ceremony complete with two readers, a rose ceremony, and a sand ceremony.. I’d like for ceremony to last no more than 15-20 minutes, but when I showed our Officiant (and also Joe’s best friend) what I’d come up with, he said it was only enough material for ten minutes. Uh oh! So while I can’t technically cross it off the list just yet, I’m pretty comfortable with what I’ve written and know the Officiant will be able to take it from here.

Choosing the Bridesmaid Dresses + Picking out the Tuxes
It was such a relief when my girls paid for their bridesmaid dresses in full last month when we had them fitted! The guys all put down their deposits for their tuxes as well, and most everyone’s measurements were taken. What  a huge stress reliever!

Ordering the Cake
This was definitely one of the most enjoyable aspects of the planning process. Joe and I sampled flavors at two different cake shops and the one that had the best artistry and creativity ultimately stole our hearts. I know our cake is going to be everything we want it to be, and I’m so very excited with what we came up with!

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Create the Music Play lists (for both Ceremony and Reception)
Ah! We still need to make a list of songs we’d like to be played at the reception by our DJ, and which songs we want our String Trio to play during the ceremony. And we won’t forget the all-important “Do Not Play” list either… no Macarena or Electric Slide at this wedding, please!

Decide on Escort “Cards”
We’re still working through this one. Our ideas seem to all be either too outlandish or just plain cliché and boring. Suggestions, anyone?

Ordering MY Dress
I finally did it! This was THE most difficult thing for me within the entire planning process. Bridal gowns are my absolute favorite aspect of the wedding industry and I have such an appreciation for various designs and fabrics and shapes. I tried on literally dozens of different gowns in several different stores in two different states, spanning over a 14 month period… and I finally took the plunge and ordered one in March! I can’t wait to see it in person when it arrives in July.

The Registries
When people started asking me early in the Spring where Joe and I were registered for gifts, I had no idea it was because my bridesmaids were planning an early surprise bridal shower! Joe and I had created our registries before we’d originally planned, but that turned out to be a good idea since we’ve already received lots of awesome kitchen gadgets that we were wanting. Making the registries was actually a lot of fun, but surprisingly more difficult than I could have predicted. As I mentioned in my registry blog, it was bit overwhelming… but so worth it!

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What else have we accomplished since the beginning of 2010?
·         Menu tasting at our venue
·         Bridal hair and makeup trials
·         Drafted a wedding day timeline
·         Purchased my (post party) reception dress
·         Placed a deposit on the honeymoon

So, what DO we have left to do then?
·         Create ALL of our wedding stationery! (wedding invitations, rehearsal dinner invitations, menu cards, ceremony programs)
·         Make a list of important photographs to be taken by our photographer
·         Get the reception flutes engraved
·         Complete the DIY project for reception chair decor
·         Finalize our DIY centerpiece designs
·         Finish taking photographs for the reception tables
·         Plan details for the Rehearsal Dinner
·         Order the Guest Favors
·         Purchase bridal accessories (shoes, jewelry, hairpiece or veil)
·         Decide on Parent Appreciation gifts
·         Purchase the wedding bands (we have an idea, just haven’t made any buying commitments)

A great way to make sure you stay on track with your wedding plans is to follow an outline of recommended to-do’s, month by month. I’ve been following the timeline on the Get Married website since it provides helpful video tips and an interactive checklist that helps keep the planning process organized and stress-free:

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So where are you at in your planning process? Are you slightly behind, right on track, or ahead of the game?

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