Friday, May 21

Invitation Creation and 'Noteworthy' Inspiration

We’re making progress! This week Joe and I finally ordered all of the stationery paper for our DIY wedding invitations, ceremony programs, menu cards, and escort cards. We’d found the perfect invitation paper earlier this Spring on clearance at Michael’s craft store and bought the few sheets left in stock, but then spent months afterward searching everywhere for the same line of discontinued paper since we didn’t have nearly enough. So after countless unsuccessful store visits and no luck of finding it online, I was elated to find that Joann’s craft store recently starting carrying the paper distributor’s product line! No, really… I was absolutely ecstatic. That particular day I’d already visited three stores looking for the metallic-fuchsia paper and had just given up all hope, when suddenly my mom held up a sheet of the coveted paper. This prompted me to swipe the entire stack of pages and skip through the aisles while cheering (loudly) in exhilaration. I’m pretty sure my little sister was mortified. And though I was prepared to pay full price for each and every sheet of the paper they had in the store, my luck got even better when they were ON SALE at four sheets for a dollar!! I didn’t care how many sheets where in the huge stack or how much I’d be spending… at that point, I wasn’t leaving without the entire stock of pink metallic paper, and for a bargain of just $16, I bought enough to create ALL of our stationery projects.

Joe and I were both astonished by my bargain discovery but mostly relieved to have a solid plan of action for the invitation design. We found it much easier to purchase the remaining necessary supplies, and because we’d already ordered envelope samples from last year, it was a piece of cake to order the rest of whatever we needed online. Now I’m anticipating the arrival of the brown and white paper ordered online so that we can get started on all the DIY stationery right away. There are only a few months left before we need to have everything ready, and I know better than anyone how quickly time goes by when planning a wedding! Luckily we already have an idea of what we want to print on the invites, and Joe’s been working on creating the graphics while I manage the wording and fonts. We definitely want our design to be original and reflective of our individual style. To get the creativity flowing, I recently scoured the internet in search of invitation designs that I thought were unique, elegant, and inspiring. Check out my top picks:
MalloryKurtis3 Invitation Creation and ‘Noteworthy’ Inspiration
(Photo Credit: Pink Orchid Weddings)
PhalaenopsisOrchidInv2 Invitation Creation and ‘Noteworthy’ Inspiration
(Photo Credit: Pink Orchid Weddings)
printablepress Invitation Creation and ‘Noteworthy’ Inspiration
(Photo Credit: Printable Press)
Peacock2 Invitation Creation and ‘Noteworthy’ Inspiration
(Photo Credit: Pink Orchid Weddings)
jasminestarphotography Invitation Creation and ‘Noteworthy’ Inspiration
(Photo Credit: Jasmine Star Photography)
ChandelierInvitation1 Invitation Creation and ‘Noteworthy’ Inspiration
(Photo Credit: Pink Orchid Wedding)
TyingtheknotInvitation3 Invitation Creation and ‘Noteworthy’ Inspiration
(Photo Credit: Pink Orchid Weddings)
Are you ordering your wedding stationery or going the DIY route? How did you seek inspiration for your wedding invitations?

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