Monday, April 26

Wedding Week Series: A Piece of Cake Decision

Let’s face it: One of the best parts of every reception is indulging in the charming wedding dessert. Whether there is an array of tasty treats for guests to choose from or one featured delectable delight as the dessert of the evening, your guests will be sure to swoon over every sugary bite. To ensure you hit the sweet spot with each guest, the dessert is one thing you definitely don’t want to skimp on! Be sure to conduct plenty of research to find out which cake designers in your area are known to deliver on flavor and design. Read up on past customers reviews and don’t be afraid to ask for references from your cake designer so you can ensure they will arrive on time at your reception with a beautiful dessert that will wow you and your guests.
Fortunately, modern weddings offer exciting ways to personalize the dessert hour at the reception. These days you shouldn’t feel obligated to have a one-for-all cake dessert if you’re more of an offbeat bride, and there are plenty of ways to substitute cake with alternative appealing treats. From candy buffets to donut bars, chocolate fountains to cupcake tiers, there truly is no right or wrong way to serve it up. For our wedding, Joe and I have opted for the traditional route and will be serving just one large, 3-tiered cake as the main dessert. Since we only have one shot to impress guests with our dessert choice, we wanted to make sure we selected the very best in flavor and design. So while in St. Louis, we visited two different shops to taste their cake flavors and get an idea of which designers would fulfill our vision of a cake that is distinctive and unique, yet still reflects a traditional wedding style.
Our first stop was at a shop that was close in proximity to our venue, thus resulting in a minimal delivery and set up fee (bonus!). It was a one-woman shop that had recently been opened, and when we arrived, she first showed us a binder of her work examples. It was chocked full of photos displaying grand white cakes with beautiful draping detail and uniquely shaped tiers with fondant and gum paste flowers. After the consultation we left feeling good about her excellent ideas for our cake design but wishing she offered more variety in cake flavors to choose from.

The Whipt Cream shop lounge
Our next visit was an adorably modern shop in Chesterfield, Missouri called Whipt Cream. I’d come across their website several times when researching for cake designers in St. Louis and had always been very impressed with their online portfolio. When my photographer recommended we try them out since she’d encountered so many positive experiences with them, we decided to make them one of our top contenders and I arranged an appointment for us to put their treats to the test. Joe and I were exactly on time for our appointment and the lady working behind the counter was very polite in asking us to wait at one of the table areas set up in the lounge area. We obliged and began looking through their example binders displayed on a bookshelf in the corner and I noticed there were a few wedding magazines scattered on the shelves. One in particular suddenly caught my eye. It was the Spring 2010 issue of Get Married magazine!! I immediately snapped a photo of it and Joe seemed amused by how excited I was to see the magazine was there, much less placed at the very top of the stack.
Soon after, we were joined by our consultant, Jill, and we started discussing the basics. She was able to come up with some impressively creative ideas that really reflected our personality and what we were looking for with the overall theme of our cake.  Then we got to the good part – we were allowed to select up to four different cupcake flavors from their prominently displayed case of deliciously fluffy whipped desserts. After making our selection, it was the moment of truth… and the honest truth was, Whipt Cream definitely lived up to its name! Each unique cupcake touted the most delicious combination of whipped, creamy buttercream and moist cake flavor that I’ve ever tasted. I cooed as my tastebuds danced in delight and Joe nodded at me in total agreement. Without even a word, it was decided. Whipt Cream would take the cake!
It’s obvious that Whipt Cream is a different kind of cake shop. All of their cakes are handcrafted and individually designed for every event, but they also specialize in cupcakes and are most widely known for their signature sweet buttercream. Their menu boasts a variety of mouth-watering, unique flavors including Vanilla Malt, Double Chocolate, Peanut Butter Cup, Chocolate Banana, and Carrot Cake. Soon they’ll be adding Turtle as their newest flavor, and they also offer seasonal flavors such as Sugar and Spice, Strawberry Daiquiri, Pina Colada, Orange Dream, Chocolate Mint, Mudslide, and Pumpkin. Whipt Cream has a growing list of loyal customers and always welcomes new visitors to relax in their inviting lobby while enjoying a sweet cupcake treat, made fresh daily. And while you’re at it, you can pick up a few of their provided bridal magazines to read while you hang out in the shop…with Get Married in the stack, you can be confident that Whipt Cream offers nothing but the very best!


  1. Sounds awesome, great find :D I have a baker in mind who I met at a bridal show, and their cakes were head and shoulders above the others too. Great visually, TONS of yummy flavors, and they sounded accommodating when I talked to her. Isn't it great when things fall into place :)

  2. Yes Amber! It makes all the time and effort spent SO worth it when you find something you're excited about. =)