Friday, April 2

Spectacular Cake Designs

Next week Joe and I are taking on the cake challenge as we attend a few tastings to choose the flavor and design of our wedding dessert. For me, this is one aspect of the planning process that isn't exactly a piece of cake... I just can’t seem to make any decisions! While I'm confident that the cake will be three tiers, whether those are round or square – or octagonal – I can’t decide. I’m not sure how much color we should put on the cake, or even what cake flavors we’ll choose. Most of all – I’m not sure how to choose just one design! I had a similar problem when selecting my gown. To me, the principles of choosing the cake elements are like choosing the gown. I don’t prefer things that are too plain or generic, but I’m also not fond of design with excessive decoration. The possibilities are virtually endless which makes the decision in narrowing down important decisions for the wedding day that much more difficult. (Oh, and it doesn't help that Joe isn't at all worried about the cake design. He seems to think it will just magically come together.) Still, I do enjoy the freedom to be creative and unique when planning our wedding and it’s exciting to think that after next week, a masterpiece will officially be decided upon.

To help prepare some ideas for our cake meetings I’ve been researching all facets of wedding media including magazines, books, and the internet. There are so many distinct cake styles and design concepts out there but I was truly astonished when I stumbled across the website for Chocolate Pi, a baker that coincidentally headquarters in Tampa, the very city I live in! Photo after photo, their dessert products are spectacularly aesthetic. It’s a shame I’m getting married out of state and won’t be able to take advantage of their wedding cake services. I would imagine they make their Bride and Groom customers very happy. Check out some of my favorite designs by ChocPi… maybe you’ll even find some inspiration for your own cake!

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How are you deciding on your cake? Are you creating your own design or leaving it entirely up to the cake artist?

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