Thursday, March 4

This Bride Won't Hide!

You hear about that magical moment all the time: The big reveal of the bride when she walks down the aisle, seeing her groom for the first time as he waits for her near the altar. And until recently, I’d also been planning to wait until I walk down the aisle before seeing Joe for the first time on our wedding day. However, we’ve decided to do things a little differently.
I think all along I’d been assuming that the moment we’d see each other for the first time wouldn’t be as special if it didn’t take place during the actual ceremony. I thought, traditionally, isn’t that the way it was supposed to be done? Wasn’t it bad luck to see each other before then? I’d had this preconceived notion that it wouldn’t be as special when I walked down the aisle if he’d already gotten to see the dress I’d carefully selected, or the way my hair had been fixed just for him. But after doing some research on this topic, I gained a fresh perspective that it didn’t matter when the moment happened. What was important was that the “first look” would happen, and that it would be very special to the both of us no matter where it took place.
There are a few good reasons we want to meet before the ceremony even begins, but our ultimate motive is for the photographic opportunity. There’s a cocktail hour sandwiched between our ceremony and reception and I’d been planning on just getting the pictures taken during that time, but taking dozens of photos with the bridal party and parents and siblings and grandparents in just one hour doesn’t seem likely to happen. And when will we really get a chance to take some intimate, relaxed photos of just the two of us? I don’t think we’ll really be able to capture those private moments between bride and groom if I’m preoccupied with thoughts of the reception and wondering what I’m missing out on in the cocktail hour. Plus, I’ll still need time to have my dress bustled, freshen up my makeup, and get a little quiet time with my new hubby before the party begins and we’re pulled in a thousand different directions. We also thought it’d be a lot of fun if we got to spend some time with our guests in the cocktail hour… We’re putting so much thought and effort into the area where the cocktail hour is being held that I’d hate to not get to enjoy any of it! So by getting important photographs taken before the main event even begins, we’ll really be able to just relax and have a good time after the ceremony is over. Anything that will take the stress level down a notch on my wedding day is something I’m willing to go for!
What are your thoughts on the groom seeing the bride before the ceremony? Are you planning to see your groom before the ceremony begins?

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