Friday, March 12

iDo: Internet-Inspired Wedding Planning

Up until yesterday, I’d never really thought about just how much I rely on the internet for planning my wedding. I was listening to a story on the radio about a person who doesn’t own a computer because they just didn’t think they needed one. This really made me consider just how much I rely on the internet for so many things, such as my day-to-day job, communication with family and friends, and self-education regarding random topics that spark my curiosity. And then I thought about what I use the internet for above all else… planning my wedding, of course!


I didn’t grow up with the technology of computers (at least not in the advanced way they are used now for education and communication) but even still, I can’t imagine my life as it is now without having access to the world wide web. How on earth would I even plan my wedding? I live in a city that is 16 hours away from where my wedding is taking place. Over the past 15 months of planning, I’ve utilized e-mail and search engines and product reviews in order tcontract practically everything relating to my wedding. Sure, I read a lot of magazines and books to gain the necessary knowledge to plan my own wedding, but I’ve found it to be extremely helpful that I have the ability to extend that research on a product’s website, or to reach out to fellow brides on message boards and blogs, thereby benefitting from direct advice and ideas. In a way, I truly feel like the wedding I’m having is only made possible because of the internet. Here are some of the ways in which the Internet has been of assistance during my planning process…
  • I discovered our photographer via a fan page on Facebook and then also contacted and booked her through Facebook.
  • I found our florist by browsing through real wedding photos on a vendor-recommendation website. When one bride’s flower photos caught my eye, I looked up the florists’ website and consulted with and booked them entirely via email.
  • I scheduled our venue visitation via email. Once we visited it in person and decided to hold our wedding there, I’ve since consulted with the coordinator entirely via email and even accepted and signed the contract over email.
  • I've ordered several accessories - including the cake topper, garters, wedding guest “book”, and decor - through money-saving websites like Ebay and Amazon.
  • I created a blog on Get Married’s Blogger Brides site, which has been extremely beneficial for both documenting my wedding as well as sharing ideas and getting fresh perspectives on how we can make our own wedding unique. I’ve also picked up countless etiquette tips just by searching through these forums.
  • I created and currently maintain our budget and guest list entirely on a free wedding website. It saves me the hassle of having to keep track of all these loose papers, and this way I can also access this information no matter where I’m at.
  • We self-designed our save-the-dates at home, then ordered them to be printed on magnets through a cost-effective printing website we found online.
  • We created a personalized wedding website that shares valuable information with guests. This way the wedding details are always right at their fingertips… and I don’t have to constantly repeat the same information.
  • I located several wedding cake designers via google search and we were able to narrow down our choices based on the information I found on the bakers’ websites. I then booked cake-tasting appointments entirely via email after communication with each baker entirely via email, even getting price quotes based on example photos I found ingoogle searches and blogs!
  • Our home-made wedding invitations were inspired by browsing thousands of examples through google searches and blogs. We’ll also be ordering all of the supplies and paper online through an affordably priced paper website.
  • I am able to keep up with the latest in unique ideas and giveaway contests through newsfeeds on Facebook andTwitter.
  • I’ve downloaded dozens of podcasts through iTunes to listen to wedding advice and tips while I’m on the go and don’t have the time to read.
  • I’ve attended Bridal Shows that I was notified about through e-mail advertising.
  • I’ve narrowed the search for my wedding gown by perusing designer websites, and have been able to locate stores that sell these dresses and price compare, all thanks to the internet!

This list makes me wonder how entirely different the outcome of my wedding would be if the internet didn’t exist. Would I be spending a lot more money because I’m not able to easily price compare? Would I have as much fun with the planning process if I had limited capability to access the endless ideas I’ve found on blogs and websites? It’s no wonder I’m so addicted to the internet these days… it’s truly been my source of inspiration! I wonder, how did anyone plan a weddingbefore the Internet was so widespread and relied upon?!


Have you ever thought about what it would be like to plan your wedding without the Internet? Just how much do you rely on email and social networking to make your wedding dreams a reality?

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  1. The Internet has been a savior for me, too, since my wedding is taking place all the way across the country! And I don’t know how I’d make it through the planning process without all my favorite wedding blogs and websites. Plus, I love, love, love email because it’s quick, people can respond when they have time (rather than playing phone tag), and you’re able to clearly lay everything out in writing. It's great!