Wednesday, March 10

Dealing with Separation Anxiety... From my Ring!

Now that the Disney half-marathon is over and I’m back in the gym weight lifting full time, I’m realizing just how much I really miss my engagement ring when it’s not on my finger. In reality, I’m not one to wear jewelry very often… I’m more of a jeans and tee kinda girl and only wear earrings and necklaces for special occasions or when going out with friends. For some reason I’ve just never liked how jewelry feels when I wear it! I find it to be slightly annoying. I also tend to easily lose small articles if I’m not especially cautious, and I’ve lost more accessories and sunglasses than I care to count. So with my engagement ring, I’ve always had to be extremely particular about where I store it when I’m not wearing it.

I love (love, love, love!) my engagement ring and don’t prefer taking it off. For one, I am proud to wear it, and to be completely honest, enjoy showing it off! But I also know that I have to be really careful as to not lose it since I’m notorious for misplacing things. However, my ring adorns about 70 tiny side-stones around the solitaire and I’m sometimes fearful of losing stones if I’m not delicate. My ring is also made of 18K white gold which is particularly vulnerable since white gold is soft and wears down easily. And maybe I’m being too anal, but I don’t like constantly getting hand lotions and soaps on the diamonds because it makes them less sparkly until I have the time to clean it again. So for all of these reasons, I (rather reluctantly) do remove my ring under two circumstances: While I’m showering, and while I’m lifting weights in the gym.

To ensure my ring would never randomly be misplaced, I initially had to determine an exact location where I would keep the ring when I’m partaking in either activity. There’s a little dish on the top shelf of my vanity in the bathroom where I place it while showering, and I kept the original ring box to leave in my gym bag so I can safely store the ring while I’m lifting weights. My plan has really worked out great so far! The ring has been in my possession for a year and three months and I have known where it is at all times. That really is quite an accomplishment for someone like me!
This was taken just after my run… wearing my ring!

It’s funny how I’m not a big fan of jewelry but have still managed to become pretty obsessive over this ring. When it’s on my finger, I don’t notice it too much except to admire it every few days – okay, okay… maybe every few hours, but that’s besides the point! – but when it’s not on my finger, I think about it every five minutes or so. I guess I subliminally do think about it more than I even thought, because if it’s not on my hand, I find myself constantly using my thumb to feel around where where it is on my finger, and when I notice it’s missing, I have to quickly reassure myself that it’s in it’s designated safe place. I really can’t imagine taking it off more than I already do, though. It would probably drive me nuts and I would likely suffer from separation anxiety! In a way, the ring has truly become a part of who I am.

So, under what circumstances do you remove your engagement ring, and how do you make sure you don’t lose it? Do you suffer from separation anxiety when you have to take off your ring?

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