Sunday, February 21

Wedding Debate: Tattoo Talk

Let’s face it. Getting inked as a form of recreation has grown exponentially in popularity over the past decade. More women than ever before are comfortable with the commitment of lifelong body tattoos, so much that it is now as common as a simple ear piercing. While I think it’s great to express your individuality in a way that is personal and creative, I also feel that there may be occasions where it is appropriate to minimize the appearance of distracting tattoos. Like, say, your wedding day.
I am a proud “owner” of four tattoos. All are small with minimal detail and it usually takes people a while to notice them, which is what I intended when getting each one. The small star on my foot is easily covered by the strap of almost any flip flip or high heeled shoe. The tiny heart on my wrist is easily camouflaged by jewelry. And the little red cherries on my hip are only noticeable in certain bikinis. But the Aries sign on the back of my neck – my most recent and daring tat of all – would be impossible to hide if my hair were in an updo. This was a fact I actually considered when getting the tattoo in the first place. I knew that once it was inked, I’d never be able to wear my hair up again without having the black outline of the aries ram there for the world to see. But being the free spirit that I am, I predicted that the only time I would even care if it showed would be on my wedding day. And although I wasn’t even engaged at the time, I also already knew which hairstyle I wanted to don as a Bride: Down, wavy, and au natural. Fortunately my mind hasn’t changed since getting the tattoo 2 years ago, and I still plan to wear my hair down and long in a way that is sure to conceal the tattoo for the entire day. It’s not that I’m ashamed or regret getting the tattoo. I just don’t want it to be a distraction in any photos that are capturing a day where I want to look feminine and classy.
It’s a great relief knowing that I have the ability to cover the ink on my wedding day without having to use excessive makeup or pay for a tattoo-covering kit. I personally don’t feel that tattoo art would mesh well with the romantic, soft ambiance we are attempting to achieve during our ceremony and reception. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the beautiful look that tattoo art brings to wedding photography in some cases. There are circumstances when tattoos actually complement the theme of a wedding, making the couple unique and alluring. I’ve found a few photos where I think brides have made their tattoos work to their advantage in their wedding photography. Another neat site to check out tattoos and weddings on is
Tattoo Bride 1
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Tattoo Bride 2
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Tattoo Bride 3
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Tattoo Bride 4
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Tattoo Bride 5
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Tattoo Bride 6
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So what are your thoughts on tattoos and weddings? Are you going out of your way to cover your own tattoo, or are you allowing it to show? And would you ever ask a bridesmaid to cover a tattoo?

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