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Top 5 Wedding Planning Books

Walk into any bookstore and you’ll find shelves upon shelves of wedding planning books promising to show you how to have the wedding of your dreams. But don’t drop 20 books on the register counter just yet; Many of these books share the same ideas and cover the same topics. So how do you know which are really worth your time and money? I’ve spent hours upon hours studying the pages of dozens of these books, knit-picking the best of the best. My top picks take the guess work out of knowing which will really give you the best bang for your buck. Read on to learn the Top 5 Wedding Books that are sitting in my own personal planning library:

Priceless Weddings for under $5,000 By Kathleen Kennedy
This book not only covers all the basics from location to vendors and from food to attire, it also has great DIY ideas for the budget-savvy bride. It will help you set an attainable budget while offering tips on negotiating tactics and keeping costs low. If you’re going for a more personalized wedding in leu of an expensive production, this resource will help you budget a wedding for just $5K… or at least close to it.
Priceless Weddings

The DIY Wedding: Celebrate Your Day Your Way By Kelly Bare
Whether you’re naturally crafty or need a little boost in the creativity department, this fun read is sure to get the ideas flowing. Learn how to create your own invites, make your own guest favors, design your own flowers, and save big bucks on vendors. For brides with the time and motivation for DIY projects, you’ll find everything you need to make your day inexpensive and uniquely-you.
DIY Wedding

Do I Have to Wear White? By Anna Post
If you’re a novice in this hectic world of wedding planning, this is the perfect tool covering all those gray areas needing quick answers. You’ll probably even find answers to questions you haven’t yet considered. Formatted in easy-to-read Q/A pages, you’re sure to find all the answers you need to make your wedding planning run smoothly and without confusion.
Wear White?

The Wedding Ceremony Planner By Reverend Judith Johnson, PhD
For the daring diva who intends to write the entire ceremony from scratch (like yours truly), this is your perfect resource! The ceremony is the backbone of the wedding day, the entire reason it is the most special day of your life. Don’t leave anything out! This books breaks the ceremony down into three parts – Beginning, Middle, and End (who’d have thought?) – but explains how to transition all parts of the ceremony fluidly and without awkward moments. Complete with real-ceremony examples, the brave bride who is taking on responsibility of the ceremony will definitely want to read this cover-to-cover. SIDE NOTE: The perfect companion to this ceremony-planning book is Wedding Blessings by June Cotner. It provides usable verses, prayers, poems, and vows that will be of great help if you need a little inspiration.
Ceremony Planner

Wedding Blessings

The ‘I Have a Life’ Brides Guide By Andrea Mattei
This is my most recent find, and even after reading the other four sources of excellent knowledge and advice, I still found this to be an entertaining and useful resource. This book explores the less-obvious details of wedding planning… smaller tasks that you definitely still don’t want to overlook.
I Have a Life

There you have it! But don’t spend too much of that budget on books that are supposed to help you staywithin your budget! Search for cheap deals on Amazon to save that hard-earned cash, or better yet, stop into any national bookstore, pull up a chair in the cafe, and sip on a much-deserved latte as you read to your heart’s content!

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