Sunday, February 21

Ten Interesting Facts

Yay! A very special thank you to A Cape Cod Bride for passing onto me the Fabulous Sugar Doll Blogger award! As the rules of the award go, you must provide 10 facts about yourself (and in this case I’ll make it about my fiance too, so it’s wedding-ish) and then pass the award onto other deserving bloggers. So here goes!
1. My fiance (Joe) and I grew up in the same city, but it took us both moving to another state to meet one another. We are both from St. Louis but didn’t actually meet until mid-2006 until just after we coincidentally both moved to Florida.
2. How’s this for fate? Joe had never been to Tampa before moving, and I had only visited once when I was younger. He wanted to try living in a different city for a while and chose Tampa based on it’s repuatation for gorgeous weather. I had just gotten into Grad school at the University of South Florida and wanted to temporarily relocate to continue my studies while exploring a new city.
3. We ended up getting a job at the same company. Joe started working at MediaLab in Spring 2006, and I got a job there just a few months later. We hung out with coworkers on weekends and first became friends.
4. Our first date was at a Borders bookstore. One Friday Joe asked me what the work-crew was doing that night, and I told him I was going to skip the usual outing and instead go hang at the bookstore by myself. He said that sounded like fun so I invited him along… and to my surprise, he agreed!
5. Joe is 12 years older than I am. It’s never been an issue… he doesn’t look a day older than me.
6. One of our favorite things to do together is to hit the gym. We live together, so it’s easy to carpool to work and then to the right gym after. We also do our best to do run cardio together in the mornings before work.
7. We love having breakfast at Bob Evans to celebrate special occasions. And we’re very guilty of indulging in the Banana Pecan Caramel Pancakes… (Oops.)
8. Our favorite TV shows are The Office, Lost, and Hell’s Kitchen.
9. Other than the bookstore, one of my favorite date nights is when we go to the Pottery Studio to paint bisque. To my surprise, Joe is hooked on it too! It’s a great opportunity for us to challenge our creativity while spending time together.
10. I love watching Joe play on his ice hockey team. We’re such big fans of the St. Louis Blues that we bought first-row tickets behind the bench when they came to play in Tampa last year.

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