Saturday, February 27

Splendid Spring Palettes

It’s happened again! Yet another one of my bridesmaids has gotten engaged! That makes for three who have gotten a shiny new rock within the past four months. I’m surrounded by wedding planning, and loving every minute!
The newest bride-to-be is my cousin, and she’s planning for an April 2011 wedding. It should be a very busy month for me considering my bridesmaid who got engaged at Christmas is also planning an April 2011 wedding, and both of the girls want blue included in their color scheme. But it’s certainly no wonder why blue is a top color choice for a spring wedding… It looks absolutely stunning no matter what other colors you pair it with! While I’ve already expressed how much I adore blue paired with either red or pink in past blogs, blue is also fabulous in springtime with oranges and yellows and greens. Depending on the theme you’re going for, the colors can be energetic and vibrant or can be pastel and elegant. There is no right or wrong! But I personally love the look of wedding photography that is soft and classical…
Sky Blue and Lemon (Photo Credit: Google Images)
Tiffany Blue and Nectarine (Photo Credit: Google Images)
Sky Blue and Cotton Candy Pink (Photo Credit:
Baby Blue and Sunburst Yellow (Photo Credit:
Tiffany Blue and Apple Green (Photo Credit:
And if you’re planning a Spring wedding and want to try something a bit more whimsical and outgoing, these palettes are absolutely brilliant!…
Tiffany Blue and Hot Pink (Photo Credit:

Ocean Blue and Mandarin (Photo Credit:
What’s your favorite color to pair with blue for a Spring wedding? Do you prefer the soft and elegant look, or the bright and colorful one for an April event?


  1. Thanks for all of the great ideas. I think my favorite color scheme is the pastel blue and yellow.

  2. Glad to see you over here on Blogger! :)