Sunday, February 21

The Reassurance of Wedding Insurance

I’m still debating whether or not to invest in some wedding insurance. I hate not being prepared for the worst at all times, and with all the costs that go into a wedding, it worries me to not have any sort of backup in case of problems that arise. In total, weddings typically cost even more than a brand new car! I wouldn’t dare going without insurance that protects the investment of my car, nor would I go without renter’s insurance to protect my belongings, so I feel like my wedding should have the same kind of coverage. Yes, it is an added expense… but it could very well to prove to be an unexpected lifesaver. Here are a few of the horrible scenarios haunting my vivid imagination:
SCENARIO 1: My venue gets flooded or catches fire the night before the wedding. Sure, the venue will likely take responsibility and allow my wedding to take place at a later date. But what do I tell my florist? They can’t possibly undo all the work and time spent creating the beautiful bouquets. Would they just say “poor you” and tell me to not worry about paying for them? I wouldn’t bet on it! And what about my photographer who requires an advanced cancellation in order to get any refund? Considering the photographer is going to be out of work on a day when he could have otherwise worked at someone else’s wedding, I won’t hold my breath on getting that deposit back. “It’s not my fault!” I might say. But all that my vendors are going to hear is the clink of an empty piggy bank.
SCENARIO 2: Just before my wedding I have a health emergency and heaven-forbid, the wedding has to be postponed until I am well again. I highly doubt the cake designer will just eat the cake – and the cost – themselves. Along with my lighting-design company, they are still going to expect payment for the contracts I signed. In that situation, I guess the bridal party is going to be eating cake for a few weeks at my expense… unless I have insurance that will cover the cost of a new cake when I am in better health and able to walk down the aisle.
SCENARIO 3: My cat thought my dress hanging in the closet was its scratching post, or perhaps the dress shop boards its doors and the owners skip town before I have a chance to pick up my gown. Without insurance to replace the expensive cost of replacing my dress, I probably wouldn’t be able to afford another one.
Dress Fire
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Some of you may think I’m going a little overboard, but you really just never know what could happen! At the same time, my budget is already extremely tight, and the extra money spent on an insurance policy COULD be used on a nice honeymoon massage or that extra dance floor lighting at the reception I’m vying for, pending none of my nightmares become a reality.  According to the quiz at, the risk factor for something going wrong with my wedding isn’t really all that high. Still, I think an insurance policy would bring immense peace of mind. Have you considered insuring your wedding?

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