Sunday, February 21

The Planning Process: Your Fiance

I’ve heard plenty of horror stories about soon-to-be-husbands not caring about a single detail in wedding planning, not wanting to give any advice or input, and looking the other way when a problem arises in the process. I’m so glad to say that my fiancé does not fall into this category! Since the night we got engaged, he’s been extremely helpful, understanding, full of ideas, and constantly taking initiative. We have honestly decided on everything as a team; Together we visited the venues, chose the theme, picked out the colors, decided on the date, made the guest list, changed the theme, re-chose the colors, picked the party, booked the vendors, changed the colors once again, and designed the save the dates. Maybe it’s because I’ve been able to share all the pressure, but I haven’t felt any stress at all in this planning process! But most importantly, I think the way a couple interacts and works together in all this decision-making says a lot about their relationship and the type of guy your fiancé is. Pay close attention to how your guy responds to things you ask him and his involvement in making tough decisions – I think it’s great insight into your future marriage!

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