Sunday, February 21

Our Unity Ceremony

I love how weddings are becoming increasingly nontraditional where couples are discarding the expected and making their events totally unique. When the possibilities are endless, wedding planning is so much fun!! I’m actually looking forward to writing our ceremony script because I know it’s going to be one-of-a-kind and our personality as a couple will really shine through.
Joe and I did some research and pondered different ways to substitute for the usual candle-lighting ceremony. We read about all sorts of different ways to officially join the families together during the ceremony… everything from mixing wine together and then drinking from the same glass, to pouring two different colors of water together to create a third color, to exchanging roses between the bride and groom. We shared excitement about one idea in particular though: a Sand Ceremony.
I’m big on the idea of implementing projects during our wedding that we can re-use for years to come. So it was love at first sight when we found these gorgeous glass vases that are different shapes, but fit together perfectly when placed side by side. We’ll use two different colors — probably the color theme of our wedding — to mix together into a middle vase. Not only will the sand-filled vases last forever as a wonderful memory of when we joined our lives together but will also make for beautiful, modern home decor!
(Photos from Google Images)
So what are you doing for your unity ceremony? Any other unique, nontraditional ideas?

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