Sunday, February 21

On the Run with Wedding Podcasts

While I’ve been athletic for most of my 25 years and strive to stay in shape with consistent cardio, I’ve never really referred to myself as a “runner”. Even when I am in great endurance shape and don’t have trouble with long distances, running to me is just… boring. I find that no matter how hard I try to divert my thoughts, I just can’t keep my mind off the fact that I would be rather doing something else at that moment. It’s like all I can think about is the discomfort in my joints and the distance I still have left before I can call it a day. Which is why my fiance probably thought I was absolutely nuts when I signed to run the half-marathon princess event at Disney World in March.
There are a few reasons that I run. 1 – There is no better way to burn fat.  2 – It’s healthy discipline to do something great for your body even if your mind doesn’t like it.  3 – I love a good challenge. I also figured that preparing for the half-marathon would be a great way to do something that doesn’t revolve around either work or wedding planning. Before I’d signed up, the farthest I’d ever run was 5 miles… and that was several years ago. But I knew if there was any race that would get me motivated enough for training for my first long distance run, it would be the Disney Princess Half Marathon. (Big Disney fan here, in case it wasn’t obvious.)
Training first began for me with the New Year. The shorter distances, 3 and 5 miles, were not terribly boring. But once I had to run 8 miles for the first time… it was horrible! Here I was, outside in 80 degree weather running further than I ever had, when I didn’t even ENJOY the act of running itself, and I was totally wishing I had some form of entertainment after the music on my iPod had grown repetitive. Somehow I made it through the full 8 miles, but afterward when my fiance asked how the run went, I told him I didn’t know HOW I would make it past 8 miles without mentally going insane. But to my surprise, he had an idea I hadn’t considered. He suggested I try listening to podcasts and offered to upload podcasts to my iPod for the following weekend run.
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When the time came for my next long distance run, Joe showed me all the podcasts he’d uploaded that he thought I might be interested in… and I could hardly believe my eyes! Over ONE HUNDRED HOURS of nothing but wedding-related interviews! He’d downloaded every wedding topic from DIY projects, hair and makeup, venue ideas, planning processes, dress selection… anything wedding-related you can think of, he’d found it all on the Wedding Planning Audiocast or theWedding Podcast Network. And would you believe that with these podcasts to listen to, I had absolutely NO problem running the 10 miles? I literally wanted to keep running just so I could continue listening to the wedding discussions!
Each podcast show lasts about 30 minutes and showcases an expert in one of the various fields of wedding planning. Over the past few weeks I’ve listened to wedding planners offer their invaluable advice, bloggers who share their enthusiasm for wedding-inspired writing, dress designers who offer unique ideas, makeup artists who share important tips, and even wedding-website creators who explain the benefits they have to offer. These special guests share their advice and ideas in a way that is so very entertaining and interesting! And best of all – every podcast download is FREE! In retrospect, I can’t believe I’d ever attempted long periods of running without listening to the wedding podcasts because they’ve definitely been my biggest source of motivation. I guess running doesn’t have to be so boring after all!

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