Sunday, February 21

Nonstop Wedding Planning

I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday! I know I did… and so did my bridesmaid Gina. She got engaged on Christmas Eve! That makes for TWO of my bridesmaids getting engaged in the past few months. So much wedding excitement! I can’t wait to help them plan!!
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And, during our out-of-town holiday vacation over the weekend, my fiance and I  had the opportunity to visit our venue for the FIRST TIME together. We’re planning our wedding from an entirely different state so we hadn’t been able to visit the ceremony and reception spots together until yesterday. Since I personally hadn’t seen the venue since this past summer, it was such a great memory refresher to take a look at everything again. Joe and I won’t be able to visit in person again until April when we go back to finalize the wedding details, so I’m glad we got to see it together once already to get a better idea of how to execute the decor we’re planning. I can’t wait to surprise everyone with what we have in store…

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