Wednesday, February 24

My Top 5 Favorite Mini-Dessert Ideas

We already know there are infinite possibilities on how to make your wedding day unique and express your personality as a couple. From the flowers in your bouquet to the colors on your cake, every detail you incorporate will make your day that much more spectacular and memorable. After all, your wedding is really a showcase of the love you share with your fiance and the things you enjoy together. Don’t be afraid to rebel against the norm… you only get to live this day once!

One of my favorite ways a couple can really get creative on their wedding day is with something every guest is sure to swoon over… the desserts! What can be a relatively inexpensive way to impress guests is also one of the simplest ways to make a lasting impression. In addition to the cake, why not serve squares of your fianc├ęs’ favorite cheesecake dipped in colored sprinkles that match your theme? If you’d do almost anything for a chewy dark chocolate cookie, perhaps you could set up a cookie bar where guests can take home a box of fresh cookies as a post-party treat? Mini desserts are typically a great do-it-yourself project that anyone can do. Here are my top 5 favorite mini-dessert ideas for the reception and how YOU can DIY them with a few helping hands...

Who says donuts can only be eaten for breakfast? Turn this early-morning treat into a full-blown dessert bar where guests can treat themselves to a variety of fresh, delicious donuts. You’d better fully stock the custard-filled kind! And for an even better treat… serve them with ice cold chocolate milk! (Photo Credit: Martha Stewart Weddings)


Score some bonding time with your girls by having a cookie bakeoff! Each bridesmaid can showcase her skills by baking a different flavor to be served at the reception’s cookie bar. Name the different types of cookies after yourself and your fiance, like “Chad’s Charming Chocolate Chip Cookies” and “Lisa’s Lemon Charets”. Get even more creative by incorporating different aspects of the wedding, like, your honeymoon for example. “Bahama Brownie Bites” actually has a nice ring to it. To add some formality, you could even have them served to guests on a platter. Just don’t forget to pair them with fresh, cold milk! (Photo Credit: Good Food Catering)

Certainly nothing goes better with cake than… ice cream! Your guests will be screaming in excitement when they see you haven’t forgotten their favorite dessert duo. Use a variety of ice cream flavors to incorporate the colors scheme of your wedding. Try strawberry and chocolate ice cream for pink and brown themed weddings. Blue and green weddings could serve both Blueberry and Mint Flavors. And, again, don’t forget to name the flavors after yourself and your fiance! Too cute!! (Photo Credit: Isabel Lawrence Photography)


Fall weddings and candy apples go together the way milk goes with cookies and ice cream goes with cake. Just like you and your fiance, they are simply meant to be together! These are a great DIY project if you can pick up some round wooden sticks from any craft store. Then employ your bridesmaids to help you poke the sticks into the apples before drizzling caramel and chocolate over them, then top with decorative sprinkles! Your guests will praise you for turning this healthy treat into something a tad more sinful… (Photo Credit: Kristin Spencer Photography)


Who doesn’t love cheesecake?! These treats don’t even have to be made from scratch if you don’t have the time! Pick up the mini Sara Lee cheesecakes from your grocer’s freezer and some cute, sparkly sprinkles that match your color scheme. Don’t forget to also get little paper sticks from the baking aisle! What could be easier than popping the sticks into the pre-made cheesecakes and then rolling them into the sprinkles? Voila! Instant masterpiece. Remember to keep them cool until they are ready to be served! (Photo Credit: Sublime Bakery)

What are your ideas for delicious finger-food desserts? Do you plan to try any from my list? If so, let me know how it goes!

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