Sunday, February 21

My Newest DIY Projects

I have so many DIY project supplies waiting in the closet for me to get started on!!!
I found this amazing site with all kinds of neat, inexpensive decor for DIY projects. It’s called Save on Crafts and I finally ordered the Antique Style Bird Cage card-holder set I’ve been eying for months now. They just arrived in the mail today and I am so impressed! The larger 17″ cage will be decorated and set on the gift table for guests to drop cards in. I’ll be handmaking note cards for guests to write personal notes to Joe and I, and those small messages will be placed inside the 13″ cage. So cute! They’ll go perfectly with our lovebird theme.
Bird Cages
(Photo Credit:

The second project in waiting is the Bride and Groom chair decor. I found this adorable idea online and already got the wooden letters and decorated fabric from Joann’s Craft Store. Now I just need the time and patience to assemble it beautifully! (Of course our lettering style and design is different from the example shown below.)
(Photo Credit: Google Images)
And I came up with this third project on my own, so there is no picture example for it. I am making Joe’s last name in large woodblock letters that I picked up from Michael’s Craft Store and will use modge podge to decoupage decorative paper onto them. They’ll be used as decoration on the cake table or gift table in order to put our new married last name on creative display. I can’t wait!!

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