Sunday, February 21

My Current Wedding Checklist

The past month or so has been pretty uneventful for me as far as wedding planning goes. I’ve been engaged for almost one year, with ten months to go, so I’m in the middle of the process with not much needing to be done. This was what I was hoping for when choosing to have a long engagement – a nice, relaxed process where everything wasn’t rushed and I could take my time making decisions. So I took care of everything important up front, made the really big decisions, and now I pretty much just have to wait until the times comes to make bring the plans to life.
Still, there are a few things I’d like to get a head start on while I do have some down time. Really all that is left (other than bulking up the wedding fund) is…
Writing the Ceremony
We’re having a non religious ceremony and I’ve decided to write the whole thing myself with a little help from Joe. His best friend is Officiating so I have free reign to do basically whatever I want! At this point, I know it will consist of two readers (two of my best girlfriends have agreed to the honor) and a unity sand ceremony. I’d like to keep it around 15 minutes long.
Choosing the Bridesmaid Dresses + Picking out the Tuxes
I have a good idea of what I’m looking for – olive green, long, semi-formal – but unfortunately, residing several states away from ALL of my bridesmaids doesn’t exactly make it easy to go shopping for dresses. I’ve narrowed the selection down to a few dresses that I’ve found online, but these choices are all dependant on their actual cost (since prices are “conveniently” not listed on the designer websites. Boo!)
Ordering the Cake
Thanks to Joe’s experience in computer graphics, we were able to make a 3D drawing of what we want our cake to look like. That way, when we are able to sample the different possible bakeries, they’ll know exactly what we have in mind! I just hope we are able to make it up to St. Louis in the Spring, because I’d hate to order a cake without tasting it first!
Making the Music Lists
No Macarena or Chicken Dances at this reception! I need to compile a list of the songs we want to play during the ceremony, the cocktail hour, and at the reception.
Deciding on Escort Cards
We can’t seem to decide on the perfect way to show our guests to their seats. We know how we are labeling tables (that will be revealed in a future blog), we just need to figure out a creative way to show the guests their seats! Maybe I’m being a little too picky in this regard…
Ordering MY Dress
There is certainly a front runner for my dress selection, but I purposely wanted to wait until the 2010 designer collections came out, just so I wouldn’t have any regrets by ordering prematurely. I’m hoping to get the dress ordered in the Spring, the same time I put the deposit on the cake.
The Registry
For obvious reasons, we’ll be waiting until Spring or Summer next year for our registries. We will probably register at Target and Bed/Bath/Beyond.
Of course I do little DIY projects here and there. For example, in a past blog I mentioned wanting to create block letters with our wedding colors, using Joe’s last name. I’ve covered the blocks with fabric, but I still need to add some embellishments and last touches before I post the photo. We also just recently received our Save the Date magnets in the mail, which we created ourselves on the computer, then ordered through Vista Print. We’ll be sending those out with Christmas cards pretty soon. Joe and I have recently made quite a few decisions as far as what kind of guest book we are making (a future blog! stay tuned) and also what we are using to name our tables at the reception (another future blog… do you hate me yet for making you wait?).
How is everyone else in their planning process? Feeling rushed or relaxed? What things do you have left to cross off your list?

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