Wednesday, February 24

In Review: SHAPE BRIDE Debut

Finally! A magazine dedicated to getting brides into top shape for their weddings!

Shape Bride Magazine took newsstands by storm Valentine's Day weekend and I practically skipped to the check-out line with excitement when I got my hands on a copy. The debut issue features The Bachelor TV star Melissa Rycroft on the cover and promises to help you drop double-digit pounds for your wedding day, get picture-perfect skin in under a month, and get sexy arms in just 12 minutes a day. But on top of amazing workout and beauty tips, this mag is doubly packed with everything you've come to expect from a wedding magazine. Gorgeous gowns, registry suggestions, honeymoon ideas... all included!

A few of my favorite tidbits found in this issue...

Pg 49: 25 Gifts for the Happy Couple
This article helped me think about anything we might have left off our registry list. And who knew a Wii Fit was acceptable for a registry? According to this list, it is!

Pg 80: Beachwear Goes Bridal
My prayers have been answered! A brand new sexy swimwear line is being introduced by Victoria's Secret this April?!! Hello, honeymoon sun!!

Pg 106: Tone Your Trouble Zones--Fast!
Easy moves that are sure to whip any hiney into shape, and pronto. What's best about this seriously sculpting list of exercises is that they can all be done in your home! Say goodbye to your time and money excuses... then say goodbye to the jiggle.

Pg 127: Hollywood's Sexiest Brides
I'm not too big on the celebrity scene, but famous people sure do know how to dress! I love looking at their wedding photos and designer gowns and then secretly wonder what it'd be like to have a million-dollar budget. This article showed off some truly beautiful dresses and pretty inspiring hot bods.

Pg 164: Wedding Belles (Cloud Nine)
I was totally digging this gorgeous tulle and crystal gown, and that was even before I knew it was a Vera! What was Kate Hudson's phrase in Bride Wars“You don't alter Vera Wang to fit yourself, you alter yourself to fit Vera.” That is, if you can even afford it!... Hey, a girl can dream. (Photo Credit: Style: Dorothy)

For being the very first issue, Shape Bride definitely hits a sweet spot. No other national magazine blends a perfect combination of fitness with weddings. And, with such a reputable name like Shape behind the label, it's nearly guaranteed to be a huge success. I can only hope for more content in the issues that follow, and I'll also be on the lookout for when they finally allow for subscriptions. SIGN ME UP!

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