Monday, February 22

Impress Guests with a Unique Drink!

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On the newest episode of Get Married TV, host Stacie Francombe invites two different mixologists to come up with the perfect signature drink for one lucky bride’s wedding. The cocktail experts were instructed to make one alcoholic and one non-alcoholic beverage that reflected the couple’s fun personality and the bride’s trendy style. And although I didn’t get a chance to taste the cocktails personally, I couldn’t have agreed more with the bride’s decision on which drink to serve at their reception. Which got me to thinking… do I need a specialty drink at my own wedding? And what would I want it to be?
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Feeling inspired by the episode, I presented Joe with the idea that we implement a specialty drink on our reception menu. But Joe isn’t much of a hard liquor drinker, and in fact, the only alcoholic beverage I’ve ever seen him consume is beer. But he knows that I’m a big fan of martinis and flavored vodkas, so he suggested that we borrow a recipe from one of my favorite restaurant drinks. It was a no-brainer! The Cotton Candy Martini. It was perfect! Fluffy pink candy atop a delicious concoction of chilled vodka and fruit juices inside a sugared rim should make for a tasty treat that matches the pink décor of our reception. Most importantly, I want to offer a unique signature drink that will (hopefully) pleasantly surprise our guests. For the nonalcoholic drink, we’re going to substitute vodka for sprite to get the same effect for those who want to enjoy a more low-key version.
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Signature cocktails are a simple and affordable way to showcase creativity to your guests! Everyone will be sure to appreciate the thoughtfulness that you put into the detail of every aspect of your wedding. Are you considering serving a signature drink?

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