Sunday, February 21

I Love Good Surprises!

Have you gotten an email announcing the site improvements being made to Blogger Brides? I am already anxious to see the brand new launch this Sunday! Eeeeee, I LOVE good surprises!
 New Blogger Brides
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Some other wonderful news that I’ve received recently is that one of my bridesmaids is engaged! Her boyfriend of five years popped the question just over a week ago, and they’ll be married the very next month after us. So exciting! I’ve already been telling her all about Blogger Brides and sharing with her words of wisdom that I’ve gotten from my fellow bloggers. Since her colors are likely going to be orange and red and gold (Fall colors) I’ve suggested the idea of using pumpkins as centerpieces, and cutting neat images into each pumpkin. It would make for a beautiful, romantic ambiance to have glowing candles reflecting from inside the pumpkins, and what a neat way to celebrate a Fall theme!
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