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Hair and Makeup Dilemma

I’ve never been interested in making a career out of cosmetology, but I really do enjoy makeup application. On a daily basis I use Bare Minerals to promote an even complexion, some quick mascara to bring out the eyes, a bit of pink on the cheeks, and occasionally some tinted lipgloss. But when I am getting all dolled up for an event or a date with my Fi, I go the extra mile. I throw in some eyeliner, a few shades of eye shadow, some bronzer topped off with a matte powder, and I might even shape my brows with a pencil. I suppose I must do an okay job because when getting ready to go out with my girlfriends, it’s not unusual for one of them to ask me to accentuate the makeup they’ve already applied or even start from scratch with a fresh canvas. And because I do enjoy doing makeup and have had the practice, I have a bit of confidence that I just might be able to pull off being my own makeup artist on my wedding day. I’m really not sure how much a makeup artists cost for hire, but I’m assuming that it isn’t exactly cheap. So I was thinking of adding my makeup to my list of DIY’s. However… I am still considering the possible consequences of this. For one, I am not a trained make up artist, and I’m sure a professional could accentuate my best features better than I know how. Secondly, I’m afraid I’ll be too nervous day-of to actually pull off doing a decent job. What if my hands are shaky because I’m nervous? Perfecting eye make up can be very tricky, especially if you feel hurried or anxious. I know the look I want to achive already – since my wedding is indoors, I can afford to go a little heavier on the eye makeup. I’m envisioning natural-color lipstick and just a bit of blush so that I can draw attention to my best feature, my eyes, with a smokier look. I found some examples online…
 Eye Makeup
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As far as hair goes, I was also contemplating DIY versus paying a stylist. I’m going to have it down and wavy, a look I’ve achieved with my hair a few times already. I’m thinking maybe a small pin on the sides will keep it out of my face too, but I’ll have to experiment around with this. Here’s an example of what I’m imagining…
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I am still “iffy” on these two things though. I’m trying to limit my budget AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE, and I think doing my own hair and makeup (with the assistance of my maids/mom) could save me in the ballpark of $200-$250. However, I have doubts that I’ll be able to pull it off, and I definitely don’t want to look anything less than stellar in own wedding photos! So I was wondering, what are you doing for your hair and makeup? Are you hiring a pro to do both, or are you doing either one yourself?
Whether or not you plan to DIY your makeup, I found some useful tips on that would definitely benefit any bride:
Step 1 Flip through bridal magazines and search for pictures that capture your ideal bridal look. Keep these pictures on hand for guidance.
Step 2 Consider having your makeup done professionally. If you decide to do it yourself, have a free professional makeover before the wedding and ask for detailed instructions on how to achieve your desired look.
Step 3 Choose the most lightweight foundation possible while still getting the coverage you need because heavier foundations will look more obvious.
Step 4 Wear waterproof eye makeup so that tears of joy or the heat of summer don’t make for streaks or smears.
Step 5 Use various shades of shadow to add definition to your eyes, then add a hit of liner for drama. Resist the temptation to go for bold lines, bright colors or glitter, unless that’s your usual look.
Step 6 Curl lashes for length and definition but skip the false eyelashes. You don’t want to risk having them peel off or rotate throughout the day.
Step 7 Stick to a soft and delicate tone for lipstick, as bold or dark colors might be overpowering. Remember to match the hues in your blush to those in your lipstick. Step 8 Contour your face with blush or bronzer, even if it’s not part of your daily routine. It will give your skin a healthy glow and subtly define your features.

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