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Get Married Debut Mag in Review

I’ve been intending to review the debut issue of Get Married magazine for a while and I figured there’s no better time than right now, in light of publisher Stacie Francombe’s recent video blog!
I must admit, I had never heard of Get Married’s TV show or website before seeing the facebook ad a few months ago. Considering the huge industry dedicated to weddings in this day and age, there’s no shortage of wedding-related marketing through web, print, TV, and promotional shows. But when I came across an offer to get the first issue at no cost, there was no hesitation in divvying up my contact information. A free wedding magazine? Sign me up!
I’d actually forgotten that I’d signed up for the magazine until it arrived in the mail just weeks ago. No doubt my fiance rolled his eyes thinking “great, just what she needs… another magazine” when pulling it out of the mailbox, but I was thrilled. I love trying new products, I love planning for my wedding, and I really love reading magazines, so the combination of those things was enough to make me forget my evening plans and instead curl up on the couch in preparation for the pages waiting to be read.
 Get Married magazine
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First Impression The magazine cover was cheerful and eye catching. I liked how the main image was of a table setting, reflective of the all-important wedding reception, and the image faded into the background. The title was in lower caps and totally modern and clean, and the cute little wedding cake used in leu of the “i” was so creative. 
I’m not the type of person to read through the table of contents, and I usually skim an entire magazine and mark the important pages that I definitely want to go back and read. But with this magazine, I found myself interested in too many of the pages to mark them all, so I decided to just go ahead and start from the beginning. 
My Favorites I absolutely love how the magazine is filled with ideas for the typical bride. And really, what other wedding magazine literally tells you where you can get everything that is shown on the pages? I can’t even think of one. What’s also great is that a lot of the items used in the magazine are available on the website, making it a total one-stop shop. I love condensing my shopping, so this is a huge plus.
I think the biggest characteristic that sets this magazine apart from others is it’s ability to organize trends and ideas in a way that is simple and fun. I loved the different wedding themes that got their own spread, and each theme had really cute and unique ideas. The theme for my wedding is the lovebird, which is a pretty popular trend right now, but I still want my lovebird wedding to be unique from all the other ones out there. The ideas found one page 48 were really inspiring and fun, but the icing on the cake was that every item included information on where I could purchase. It doesn’t get any easier than that!
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Love it! I was so impressed with the new tag technology that allows you to take a photo of the tags that are embedded in different ads and articles, which brings you to the corresponding website. Although I don’t have smart phone capabilities, this amazing technological bonus is enough to make me want to go out and buy one just so I can use the tags! The convenience of this unique feature is entirely brilliant.
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I can’t go without mentioning the Get Married stickers in the front of the magazine that can be used to mark the pages you want to quick-reference later. My only suggestion for this is to add more stickers — there was just too many things I loved that I couldn’t mark them all! 
Another unique approach the magazine takes is the white silhouettes used in place of actual models wearing the gowns throughout the magazine. I thought it gave a crisp, clean look and allowed me to concentrate on the look of the dress instead of the horrible hairstyle or gawdy makeup of an actual model. The silhouettes made it extremely easy to appreciate the beauty of the gown by itself, which is the whole purpose of a runway report in my opinion.
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One of my favorite features in the debut issue was the Hues section that gave some fabulous ideas for wedding colors. The possibilities for wedding colors is so vast that it can sometimes be daunting if you’re just starting the planning process. I believe this section will be very useful for brides who are still deciding between green or blue, pink or purple.
I absolutely loved the celebrity real-wedding section that featured Michelle Aguilar, winner of last season’s Biggest Loser (one of my favorite shows ever). Get Married co-host DeAnna Pappas authored a blog recently about the intriguing splendor of celebrity weddings, and I think she is right! Even if we can’t afford something as extravagant as a celebrity, we love seeing the intimate details of their personal day and getting ideas for our own fabulous weddings. I hope each issue features a different celebrity (big or small) and what they did for their own special day because I love reading about it. (Just kindly avoid featuring the Heidi Montags’ and the Simpson-sister types, please and thank you.)
Last but least, I have to give a shout out for the Lucky Seven feature for the Blogger Brides section on the very last page of the mag. This is the page that brought me to this site and inspired me to start my very first online blog. Aside from the personal attachment I have to this article, I love the idea behind immersing real-life readers into the magazine. This makes readers feel appreciated, like our opinion matters, and really gives us something to relate to with the magazine. This feature is a keeper.
Suggestions I can’t wait to see the next issue! I’m hoping it will be a little thicker with more story content. I’d like to see a fictional piece, maybe a couple of pages long, that is either heartwarming or comical or adventurous and definitely fun to read. I’d like to see more tips for newbies to the planning process, covering different topics like venue selection and vendor decision making. As a big fan of DIY, I’d also suggest a DIY project featured in each magazine with information on where to find all of the supplies that were used for the project.
As far as ensuring this new magazine fulfills a purposeful niche, I’d say Get Married goes above and beyond the typical bridal magazine by covering the latest industry trends while promoting easy shopping. Make sure you sign up for your own copy if you haven’t yet!

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