Sunday, February 21

Find 'Get Married' on Newsstands!

When my fiance asked me earlier this week what I wanted to do on Friday night, it didn’t long for me to think about it: “Borders!” I doubt it came to him as any surprise. It’s my favorite date night because for one, it doesn’t cost anything and we’re trying to save money for the wedding fund. Secondly, where else can you browse a store for hours without looking like you’re just lost, and all the while you get to try the products without even having to pay for them? What’s more is, ever since I’ve been planning this wedding, I’m always scouting for the newest wedding books to hit the shelves, and I love checking out all the new bridal magazines as soon as they are on newsstands. So… imagine my absolute DELIGHT when I noticed the Get Married magazine stack sitting within the wedding section, looking so proud and pristine!
(Personal Photo)
It was my very first time seeing the magazine on newsstands, right there amongst all the other national magazines I’ve been reading for the past year. I secretly wanted to toss all the other bridal magazines behind a couch somewhere. None of them were deserving enough to be placed next to Get Married, in my opinion! Although, to be totally honest, Get Married didn’t need my help. It stood out from the other magazines all on it’s own. The bright, cheery cover that displayed the gorgeous centerpiece (featured on a recent episode of Get Married TV) was eye-catching and brilliant. I wanted to pick up the entire magazine stack and run around the store with it. “HAVE YOU SEEN THIS AMAZING NEW WEDDING MAGAZINE?!” I considered shouting to anyone nearby who would listen. Instead, I involuntarily gave an ecstatic squeal (I think I got a few strange looks!) and just smiled as I straightened the stack for the next lucky bride-to-be to come along and discover her new wedding bible.

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