Sunday, February 21

DIY Wedding Project: Family Ties

Sure, it’s your big day. So that means it should be all about you, right?
Well… almost.
Let’s not forget about the people who brought you into this world, have been there supporting you since the beginning, and have helped you reach this wonderful day in your life. I’m talking about your family!
I’m an extremely family-oriented type of girl. I love our unique holiday traditions and the memorable times I get to spend with my cousins and aunts and grandparents. So naturally one of the most important aspects of my wedding day is going to be the presence of both mine and my fiance’s entire family. Not only do I want the day to reflect our own commitment to one another, but I also think it’s important to find a special way to honor our relatives and show the deep respect I have for the married couples who have set a good example. That’s why I was so excited to come across this DIY project I found while searching online!
This is going to be reception decor to be hung on a wall near the ballroom entrance. I’m going to take a few long ribbons, likely the same ribbon we’ll be using for our homemade guest favors and on the centerpiece vases. Then I’m going to attach several photos of our married relatives vertically along the ribbon. I’m hoping to get a wedding-day photo from our grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends who are married. I think it will be a fun way to incorporate our guests into the wedding while also celebrating the idea of marriage.
Family Ribbon
(Photo Credit: Shutter Love Studios)
What special things are you doing to incorporate your family into your wedding day?

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