Sunday, February 21

DIY Save the Dates

Given the tough economical climate, brides are choosing to exclude the option of Save-the-Dates from their budgets or are instead notifying guests via email or social networking sites with the important date to mark in the calendar. While there is nothing wrong with these two routes, neither were suited for my preferences. Joe and I knew we wanted to send out official wedding date notifications, and call me a traditionalist, but I still find cyber save-the-dates a bit too impersonal. So where is the middle ground? DIY of course!
The great thing about Save-the-Dates is that they can be totally casual and fun. They don’t even have to reflect your chosen theme if you don’t want them to! While invititation stationary is typically a bit more formal and professional and includes several inserts with information, Save-the-Dates can include a silly photograph of you and your fiance and be as simple as a single card or as creative as a fridge magnet. And while there are typically guidelines to follow with invitations, Save-the-Dates offer free reign where anything goes. 
Joe and I are experienced with graphic computer programs so we chose to express our style and personality by creating our own design, then having them printed as magnets with Vista Print. Aside from the cost of postage, we are getting 50 Save the Dates for less than $1 a piece, including shipping costs. Not only are we getting a total bargain by DIY’ing, I know that our guests will love them that much more knowing that we put our own creative time into making them unique.

Here’s a sneak peek at our save the date magnets!

But even if you don’t have experience with graphic design and don’t know anyone who does, you can still create inexpensive and personal Save-the-Dates that your guests will truly appreciate. Buy some blank 5 x 7 cards with matching envelopes from any craft store, upload a card template through Microsoft Word, and print them off on your own computer! Another possibility is using Vista Print, which offers plenty of templates where you can fill in your own information and have them printed directly through the company. If you want them to be a little more unique than a general online template, check out or local colleges where freelance graphic designers might create your vision at an incredibly affordable price. 
So don’t write Save-the-Dates off from your budget just yet! They truly can be an inexpensive, fun way to get your guests excited about your big day… and besides, who doesn’t love getting personalized snail mail?

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