Sunday, February 21

Discovering My Inner Bride

The results are in! According to the Get Married Bridal Style Quiz, I am a Charlotte-type. I have traditional tastes and love the classic ideals for a wedding. Our ceremony will be sentimental and the reception to follow will be fun and sophisticated. My gown and veil will be graceful and simple… which is definitely “me” since I don’t like anything too busy or over the top. We’ll celebrate with very close family and friends because we want to share the day with our loved ones. This is also definitely “me” since we are only inviting immediate family and a few friends. The results also reveal that we’ll display our monogram at the reception, which is  definitely something we have planned (but is a secret for now!)
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I’d say the results are pretty accurate! What a fun way to evaluate your personal style and learn a little about the type of bride that you are!

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