Sunday, February 21

Choosing a Color Palette

I love that two of my very own bridesmaids recently got engaged! It’s a great way to share all the advice I’ve learned from fellow Blogger Brides and possibly even a way to implement ideas that won’t necessarily get used for my wedding but might be perfect for theirs! One of the hardest decisions I personally had to make early in the planning process was the color scheme. It really is such an important aspect of the wedding because it sets the overall tone for the entire day and is a reflection of your personality as a couple. But, where to begin?
I think it’s important to consider the season that your wedding is taking place. Meaning, it might look a little strange to use red, green, and gold Christmas colors in the Spring, but would be quite glamourous for a December wedding. And I’m not sure you’d want to use light pastels for a Fall wedding when warm, rich colors are more appropriate for the autumn season. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t venture into some creativity by adding a pop of an unexpected complimentary color. Gone are the days that brides and grooms have to stick to a white color scheme. Where’s the fun in that, anyway?
One thing you may want to keep in mind when deciding your wedding colors is the color scheme already being used at your chosen venue. If you use a wedding color theme that is very different from your reception hall, you might have to spend a bit more of your budget to ensure that only your color scheme is showing through. But by the same token, if your reception hall has little or no color scheme already, you may also have to spend more on decorations in order to incorporate your chosen colors within the reception room. So while you do have the freedom to use whichever colors make you happiest, I would definitely advise that you don’t make up your mind entirely until you know for certain which colors are already in place at your venue. (Tip: Once you have an idea of the primary colors you want to use, take a look at this website that allows you test different hues together.)
My bridesmaid Gina has decided that she wants to use ballet-pink as her primary color for her April 2011 wedding. This is a perfect choice for a Spring wedding, and I’ve recommend that she pair it with a warmer color to set a beautiful contrast. My favorite combination for pale pink is navy blue, but other popular color combinations are light pink with chocolate brown or even black. But I don’t think you could go wrong with any of these combinations, and to prove my point, I found these great color palette examples:
(Photo Credit: Google Images)
(Photo Credit: Google Images)
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(Photo Credit: Google Images)
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Do you have any other ideas for what a pale pink would go gorgeous with?

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