Sunday, February 21

The Brilliant Cake Girls

Is anybody else in love with the Cake Girls in Chicago? Their work is so precise and unique! I first caught them last year on Amazing Wedding Cakes and picked them out immediately as my favorite on the show. Then I rooted them on during several Food Network Challenges where they kicked butt! I love how down to earth they are, confident but not cocky, edgy but not tacky. And having a sister of my own, I can relate when they have little bicker-fights about clients’ needs. What a great company they’ve put together from scratch! Chicago isn’t too far from St. Louis so I’ve actually considered using them for my own wedding cake services… unfortunately, my tight budget doesn’t agree with the $600 minimum. Oh well, maybe I’ll get the opportunity to at least stop into their shop one day..
Here is a photo of one of their gorgeous cakes, which was featured in the debut issue of Get Married magazine. Gotta love those Cake Girls!
Cake Girls

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