Sunday, February 21

Be a DIY Bride!

I’m a huge fan of the book The DIY Bride by Khris Cochran! It’s filled with 40 different simple, creative ideas for making a wedding unique and totally personal. I’ve picked up a few different ideas from the book for projects that I can’t wait to get started on. Sparked your interest? Read on…
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Time Capsule
For this project, I’m going to take a paintbucket-type container (or anything that can be sealed shut… even a shoe box could work!) and decorate the outside of it to match the theme of our wedding. Then I’ll cut up small squares of three different colors of paper for people to write on. Each color will represent a different times in the future… for us, the light brown paper squares will be 5 years, green will denote 10 years, and the pink will represent 15 years. Guests will have the opportunity to predict the future for Joe and I on the sheets of paper. How many kids will we have? Where will we live? How many pets will be have? Will we own a flying car or have a robot maid? I hope they get silly and have a good time with it!  The time capsule will be placed near the guest sign-in area so they don’t miss out on making their guesses.
Personalized Aisle Runner
Anyone really can take a plain white paper aisle runner and turn into something so much more! Once you buy the aisle runner, all you need to do is print out a large image of your monogram (only first names since it’s proper etiquette not to use his last name or initial until after the ceremony) or any image you choose, and trace it onto the runner with a pencil. Then use paints, water colors, or colored pencils to fill in the image you traced. As long as you utilize patience in creating your design, you’ll have an aisle runner that is beautiful and one-of-kind!
Paper or Fabric Votives
In a past DIY project, I covered wood block letters with different fabrics to create a colorful and fun way to display our new last name on the gift table at the reception. Well, I ended up having leftover fabric that I’m so glad I kept because I found an awesome use for it! I’m going to use double sided tape to secure the fabric around some small, clear glass votives so that when candles are lit inside, they’ll make a beautiful glow shining through the fabric. It will make for great decoration next to the wood block letters!
Shadow Box Memories
This might seem like an obvious one, but is something I’ll really be able to get creative with and will be able to keep forever! After the wedding I’m going to print my favorite photo from the day and place it in a shadow box that is adorned with decorative scrapbook paper. I’m also hoping to use small tokens from our wedding day inside the box, like the green ribbon we’re wrapping around the favors and maybe a small snippet of fabric from my dress. The possibilities are endless! And what a fabulous way to put our wedding memories on display in our home.
Next time you’re in or near a bookstore, you should definitely take a peak at the book! There’s 36 other projects just waiting to be put to use. What DIY books have you found to be useful?

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