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Asking the Bridesmaids

Upon getting engaged, some brides already know exactly who they want to be in their wedding and waste no time inviting those women into the honored party. Other brides give it a lot of time and thought, debating on how big they want the party to be and carefully planning their decision. It is a big one, after all. Who can carry the immense responsibility? Who can handle the financial burden? Who has been there, by your side, through thick and thin? There are just so many factors to consider. On top of all of that, it’s important to keep the bridal party count reflective of the size of your entire wedding. You typically wouldn’t want just one bridesmaid standing near the altar if you are having a 300-guest wedding, just as you shouldn’t really ask 10 bridesmaids if you are only having a 50-guest wedding. Symmetry is important!
For me, it was mostly an easy decision. I only waited about four months after getting engaged to choose my bridesmaids. I’d always assumed that my only sister would be my Maid of Honor. She’s just four years younger than me and there’s something very special about having a sister who’s been there almost your whole life, who has seen you grow and change over the years, that there’s really no question about choosing her to be your first-hand. So in the sense of choosing my MOH, I had it very easy. It was also a given that I would ask my two older cousins (we’re very close in age) to have these important roles in my wedding. Nothing is stronger than family ties, especially on a day when you are bringing someone new into the family tree. However, choosing out of my girlfriends was a bit more challenging. I’d attained several close girlfriends over the years as a result of attending numerous schools and being involved in sports and clubs. And another factor I had to consider was that I’d already been asked to be bridesmaids for a couple of my friends in the past. Would they expect to be asked to be bridesmaids in mine? After a lot of shared advice from my fiance and my mother, I’d decided to ask just two of my Tri-Delta sorority sisters. The first girl I asked was someone I’d met and befriended as a freshman in the dorms before we’d even gone through rush and joined the same sorority. We’d experienced a lot together in college and created some wonderful everlasting memories. The second girl that I asked I’d met in the 4th grade, went through elementary and middle school with (including Girl Scouts) and also been on the cheerleading squad with in high school. It was pure fate that we ended up going to the same college as well and then joining the same sorority, but it was from our own continued friendship that we eventually became college roommates and have stayed good friends ever since.
So… how did I ask my girls to be my bridesmaids?  If you’ve been reading my blogs then you know I love being crafty, so naturally I wanted the occasion to be unique and unpredictable. I’d heard of proposals where the guy pops the question in a fortune cookie, and at that time in the planning process, I thought I’d be using as Asian-fusion theme for the wedding. For this reason, I thought it would be perfect to use this same fortune-cookie idea for asking the bridal party! Joe and I searched for a delicious fortune-cookie recipe online so we could make the cookies ourselves, which we figured would be the easiest way to slip in the little pieces of fortune paper. I created five small fortunes, each personalized with the girls’ names and a note that simply asked them to be my bridesmaid. For the lucky numbers, I printed our wedding date: 10-02-2010. We did a test run on the batter and it was so great to have Joe help me since he is a trained chef and I am a total novice with ingredients in the kitchen. At first the batter turned out a little runny (but completely delicious!). After making a couple of revisions, we nailed the recipe on the second trial. So we baked each circle of batter for a few minutes, placed the little pieces of paper on top, then hand-formed the fortune cookie shape and set them to cool. Once they were ready, I packed them in cute little pink take-out boxes that I found at Michaels and put in little crinkly-paper to help pad them. They were all going to be shipped across state lines so I was really hoping they would not break or get stale before reaching their final destination! I mailed the cookies out the next day, and one by one, I started getting a phone call from each girl with squeals of joy. They loved the cookies. More importantly… they all said “Yes”!
Fortune 1Fortune 2Fortune 3Fortune 4
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I had a great time making the cookies, and the way I asked my Bridesmaids was memorable and fun. But there are so many creative ways to ask your best girlfriends to be your bridesmaids! What’s your story?

Fortune Cookie

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