Saturday, February 27

Splendid Spring Palettes

It’s happened again! Yet another one of my bridesmaids has gotten engaged! That makes for three who have gotten a shiny new rock within the past four months. I’m surrounded by wedding planning, and loving every minute!
The newest bride-to-be is my cousin, and she’s planning for an April 2011 wedding. It should be a very busy month for me considering my bridesmaid who got engaged at Christmas is also planning an April 2011 wedding, and both of the girls want blue included in their color scheme. But it’s certainly no wonder why blue is a top color choice for a spring wedding… It looks absolutely stunning no matter what other colors you pair it with! While I’ve already expressed how much I adore blue paired with either red or pink in past blogs, blue is also fabulous in springtime with oranges and yellows and greens. Depending on the theme you’re going for, the colors can be energetic and vibrant or can be pastel and elegant. There is no right or wrong! But I personally love the look of wedding photography that is soft and classical…
Sky Blue and Lemon (Photo Credit: Google Images)
Tiffany Blue and Nectarine (Photo Credit: Google Images)
Sky Blue and Cotton Candy Pink (Photo Credit:
Baby Blue and Sunburst Yellow (Photo Credit:
Tiffany Blue and Apple Green (Photo Credit:
And if you’re planning a Spring wedding and want to try something a bit more whimsical and outgoing, these palettes are absolutely brilliant!…
Tiffany Blue and Hot Pink (Photo Credit:

Ocean Blue and Mandarin (Photo Credit:
What’s your favorite color to pair with blue for a Spring wedding? Do you prefer the soft and elegant look, or the bright and colorful one for an April event?

Wednesday, February 24

In Review: SHAPE BRIDE Debut

Finally! A magazine dedicated to getting brides into top shape for their weddings!

Shape Bride Magazine took newsstands by storm Valentine's Day weekend and I practically skipped to the check-out line with excitement when I got my hands on a copy. The debut issue features The Bachelor TV star Melissa Rycroft on the cover and promises to help you drop double-digit pounds for your wedding day, get picture-perfect skin in under a month, and get sexy arms in just 12 minutes a day. But on top of amazing workout and beauty tips, this mag is doubly packed with everything you've come to expect from a wedding magazine. Gorgeous gowns, registry suggestions, honeymoon ideas... all included!

A few of my favorite tidbits found in this issue...

Pg 49: 25 Gifts for the Happy Couple
This article helped me think about anything we might have left off our registry list. And who knew a Wii Fit was acceptable for a registry? According to this list, it is!

Pg 80: Beachwear Goes Bridal
My prayers have been answered! A brand new sexy swimwear line is being introduced by Victoria's Secret this April?!! Hello, honeymoon sun!!

Pg 106: Tone Your Trouble Zones--Fast!
Easy moves that are sure to whip any hiney into shape, and pronto. What's best about this seriously sculpting list of exercises is that they can all be done in your home! Say goodbye to your time and money excuses... then say goodbye to the jiggle.

Pg 127: Hollywood's Sexiest Brides
I'm not too big on the celebrity scene, but famous people sure do know how to dress! I love looking at their wedding photos and designer gowns and then secretly wonder what it'd be like to have a million-dollar budget. This article showed off some truly beautiful dresses and pretty inspiring hot bods.

Pg 164: Wedding Belles (Cloud Nine)
I was totally digging this gorgeous tulle and crystal gown, and that was even before I knew it was a Vera! What was Kate Hudson's phrase in Bride Wars“You don't alter Vera Wang to fit yourself, you alter yourself to fit Vera.” That is, if you can even afford it!... Hey, a girl can dream. (Photo Credit: Style: Dorothy)

For being the very first issue, Shape Bride definitely hits a sweet spot. No other national magazine blends a perfect combination of fitness with weddings. And, with such a reputable name like Shape behind the label, it's nearly guaranteed to be a huge success. I can only hope for more content in the issues that follow, and I'll also be on the lookout for when they finally allow for subscriptions. SIGN ME UP!

My Top 5 Favorite Mini-Dessert Ideas

We already know there are infinite possibilities on how to make your wedding day unique and express your personality as a couple. From the flowers in your bouquet to the colors on your cake, every detail you incorporate will make your day that much more spectacular and memorable. After all, your wedding is really a showcase of the love you share with your fiance and the things you enjoy together. Don’t be afraid to rebel against the norm… you only get to live this day once!

One of my favorite ways a couple can really get creative on their wedding day is with something every guest is sure to swoon over… the desserts! What can be a relatively inexpensive way to impress guests is also one of the simplest ways to make a lasting impression. In addition to the cake, why not serve squares of your fiancés’ favorite cheesecake dipped in colored sprinkles that match your theme? If you’d do almost anything for a chewy dark chocolate cookie, perhaps you could set up a cookie bar where guests can take home a box of fresh cookies as a post-party treat? Mini desserts are typically a great do-it-yourself project that anyone can do. Here are my top 5 favorite mini-dessert ideas for the reception and how YOU can DIY them with a few helping hands...

Who says donuts can only be eaten for breakfast? Turn this early-morning treat into a full-blown dessert bar where guests can treat themselves to a variety of fresh, delicious donuts. You’d better fully stock the custard-filled kind! And for an even better treat… serve them with ice cold chocolate milk! (Photo Credit: Martha Stewart Weddings)


Score some bonding time with your girls by having a cookie bakeoff! Each bridesmaid can showcase her skills by baking a different flavor to be served at the reception’s cookie bar. Name the different types of cookies after yourself and your fiance, like “Chad’s Charming Chocolate Chip Cookies” and “Lisa’s Lemon Charets”. Get even more creative by incorporating different aspects of the wedding, like, your honeymoon for example. “Bahama Brownie Bites” actually has a nice ring to it. To add some formality, you could even have them served to guests on a platter. Just don’t forget to pair them with fresh, cold milk! (Photo Credit: Good Food Catering)

Certainly nothing goes better with cake than… ice cream! Your guests will be screaming in excitement when they see you haven’t forgotten their favorite dessert duo. Use a variety of ice cream flavors to incorporate the colors scheme of your wedding. Try strawberry and chocolate ice cream for pink and brown themed weddings. Blue and green weddings could serve both Blueberry and Mint Flavors. And, again, don’t forget to name the flavors after yourself and your fiance! Too cute!! (Photo Credit: Isabel Lawrence Photography)


Fall weddings and candy apples go together the way milk goes with cookies and ice cream goes with cake. Just like you and your fiance, they are simply meant to be together! These are a great DIY project if you can pick up some round wooden sticks from any craft store. Then employ your bridesmaids to help you poke the sticks into the apples before drizzling caramel and chocolate over them, then top with decorative sprinkles! Your guests will praise you for turning this healthy treat into something a tad more sinful… (Photo Credit: Kristin Spencer Photography)


Who doesn’t love cheesecake?! These treats don’t even have to be made from scratch if you don’t have the time! Pick up the mini Sara Lee cheesecakes from your grocer’s freezer and some cute, sparkly sprinkles that match your color scheme. Don’t forget to also get little paper sticks from the baking aisle! What could be easier than popping the sticks into the pre-made cheesecakes and then rolling them into the sprinkles? Voila! Instant masterpiece. Remember to keep them cool until they are ready to be served! (Photo Credit: Sublime Bakery)

What are your ideas for delicious finger-food desserts? Do you plan to try any from my list? If so, let me know how it goes!

Monday, February 22

Welcoming Out-of-Town Guests with Goodies

I’m loving these goody-packed gift boxes to welcome out-of-town guests! These fun and affordable packages are packed with a variety of mini-snacks that are sure to make visiting guests feel right at home and in the mood for some wedding festivities. But what I love most is that they can be personalized to fit in with any theme. They’re totally adorable but also entirely practical. I can’t wait to order the St. Louis-style gift boxes to welcome our Floridian friends and family to the great Midwest!
(Photo Credit:

These would also make for a perfect DIY project to save money if you have the time to put them together! What are you doing to welcome your out-of-town guests? Any unique or creative ideas to make your guests feel at home?

Impress Guests with a Unique Drink!

To see this blog featured on Get Married's Wedding Dish, click here!

On the newest episode of Get Married TV, host Stacie Francombe invites two different mixologists to come up with the perfect signature drink for one lucky bride’s wedding. The cocktail experts were instructed to make one alcoholic and one non-alcoholic beverage that reflected the couple’s fun personality and the bride’s trendy style. And although I didn’t get a chance to taste the cocktails personally, I couldn’t have agreed more with the bride’s decision on which drink to serve at their reception. Which got me to thinking… do I need a specialty drink at my own wedding? And what would I want it to be?
(Photo Credit:
Feeling inspired by the episode, I presented Joe with the idea that we implement a specialty drink on our reception menu. But Joe isn’t much of a hard liquor drinker, and in fact, the only alcoholic beverage I’ve ever seen him consume is beer. But he knows that I’m a big fan of martinis and flavored vodkas, so he suggested that we borrow a recipe from one of my favorite restaurant drinks. It was a no-brainer! The Cotton Candy Martini. It was perfect! Fluffy pink candy atop a delicious concoction of chilled vodka and fruit juices inside a sugared rim should make for a tasty treat that matches the pink décor of our reception. Most importantly, I want to offer a unique signature drink that will (hopefully) pleasantly surprise our guests. For the nonalcoholic drink, we’re going to substitute vodka for sprite to get the same effect for those who want to enjoy a more low-key version.
(Photo Credit:
Signature cocktails are a simple and affordable way to showcase creativity to your guests! Everyone will be sure to appreciate the thoughtfulness that you put into the detail of every aspect of your wedding. Are you considering serving a signature drink?

Sunday, February 21

On the Run with Wedding Podcasts

While I’ve been athletic for most of my 25 years and strive to stay in shape with consistent cardio, I’ve never really referred to myself as a “runner”. Even when I am in great endurance shape and don’t have trouble with long distances, running to me is just… boring. I find that no matter how hard I try to divert my thoughts, I just can’t keep my mind off the fact that I would be rather doing something else at that moment. It’s like all I can think about is the discomfort in my joints and the distance I still have left before I can call it a day. Which is why my fiance probably thought I was absolutely nuts when I signed to run the half-marathon princess event at Disney World in March.
There are a few reasons that I run. 1 – There is no better way to burn fat.  2 – It’s healthy discipline to do something great for your body even if your mind doesn’t like it.  3 – I love a good challenge. I also figured that preparing for the half-marathon would be a great way to do something that doesn’t revolve around either work or wedding planning. Before I’d signed up, the farthest I’d ever run was 5 miles… and that was several years ago. But I knew if there was any race that would get me motivated enough for training for my first long distance run, it would be the Disney Princess Half Marathon. (Big Disney fan here, in case it wasn’t obvious.)
Training first began for me with the New Year. The shorter distances, 3 and 5 miles, were not terribly boring. But once I had to run 8 miles for the first time… it was horrible! Here I was, outside in 80 degree weather running further than I ever had, when I didn’t even ENJOY the act of running itself, and I was totally wishing I had some form of entertainment after the music on my iPod had grown repetitive. Somehow I made it through the full 8 miles, but afterward when my fiance asked how the run went, I told him I didn’t know HOW I would make it past 8 miles without mentally going insane. But to my surprise, he had an idea I hadn’t considered. He suggested I try listening to podcasts and offered to upload podcasts to my iPod for the following weekend run.
(Photo Credit: Google Images)
When the time came for my next long distance run, Joe showed me all the podcasts he’d uploaded that he thought I might be interested in… and I could hardly believe my eyes! Over ONE HUNDRED HOURS of nothing but wedding-related interviews! He’d downloaded every wedding topic from DIY projects, hair and makeup, venue ideas, planning processes, dress selection… anything wedding-related you can think of, he’d found it all on the Wedding Planning Audiocast or theWedding Podcast Network. And would you believe that with these podcasts to listen to, I had absolutely NO problem running the 10 miles? I literally wanted to keep running just so I could continue listening to the wedding discussions!
Each podcast show lasts about 30 minutes and showcases an expert in one of the various fields of wedding planning. Over the past few weeks I’ve listened to wedding planners offer their invaluable advice, bloggers who share their enthusiasm for wedding-inspired writing, dress designers who offer unique ideas, makeup artists who share important tips, and even wedding-website creators who explain the benefits they have to offer. These special guests share their advice and ideas in a way that is so very entertaining and interesting! And best of all – every podcast download is FREE! In retrospect, I can’t believe I’d ever attempted long periods of running without listening to the wedding podcasts because they’ve definitely been my biggest source of motivation. I guess running doesn’t have to be so boring after all!

Choosing our Wedding Bands (with a little help from Cupid!)

Hope everyone had a fabulous Valentine’s Day with their hunnies! Joe and I enjoyed an amazing day full of mini-dates and then topped the day off with dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, but what really made this holiday complete was that we shopped for our wedding bands!
Originally we had planned on buying each other’s rings secretively, but we wanted to make sure the other person got something they absolutely love. After all, wearing one piece of jewelry on your hand for the rest of your life sounds like a pretty big commitment in itself! We won’t be able to make the long drive south to revisit the private jeweler he purchased my engagement ring from, but we figured it shouldn’t be too much of a problem to find a matching band from a national jewelry retailer. So we headed to Tampa’s largest mall, International Plaza, and made our way into several different stores in high hopes of finding just the right ring. And sure enough, we eventually found the perfect match! As for Joe’s ring… well, he is just as picky as I am when it comes to jewelry (seeing as how neither of us ever wear any of it anyway) so it took some deeper digging to find a suitable band for him. But once we found it, he knew it was ‘the one’!
(Photo Credit:
(Photo Credit:
Although we’ve got plenty of time before we actually need the bands, I love that we got a head start and can check one more task off of the to-do list. How far in advance are you selecting your bands? Are you shopping for them together or making it a surprise on the wedding day?

Landmarking Guest Tables

I love getting packages in the mail, especially when they are for the wedding! Yesterday our Sand Ceremony engraved vases and colored sand arrived, and they were stunning and exactly as I’d envisioned. I’d ordered the Guest Book Vinyl Record from Amazon just a few days ago, and today it arrived in perfect condition! Now I’m waiting on just a few other packages to arrive, including the Things Remembered Server Set that matches the flutes we already purchased, as well as the personalized wedding gown hanger that I ordered from Etsy after reading march-eleven2010’s Hanger of Love blog post. And soon enough the engraved Glass Photo Blocks we ordered for the reception tables should be here. Which leads me into today’s blog post… our guest table theme!
Joe and I wanted to do something a bit more untraditional than table “numbers” at the reception and spent time researching different creative ideas and imagining unique ways to seat our guests at their designated tables. Since we’d already decided to go with the St. Louis-specific tradition of giving boxed mini Gooey Butter Cakes as our guest favors, we thought it would be neat to also incorporate a St. Louis theme into the tables to bring it all together. So instead of numbering each table, we decided to name them after each of our favorite St. Louis landmarks. Of course we had to include the stadium where Joe’s beloved Blues hockey team plays as one of the table themes, and I got to include one of my very favorite spots known as Forest Park which is home to the live outdoor theater called The Muny. But the list wouldn’t have been complete without a table theme for both The Arch and for Busch Stadium (home of baseball champions The St. Louis Cardinals), and we chose several other popular spots like the famed U-City Loop, acclaimed Botanical Gardens, and award-winning St. Louis Zoo.
(Photo Credit:
We needed to come up with a landmark theme for all nine guest tables, which proved rather difficult considering it’s hard to narrow all of the amazing St. Louis landmarks into a list of only nine favorites. Once the St. Louis landmarks were finally decided upon, we had to think of a way to display these themes on the tables. We had also liked the idea of putting engagement photos on each guest table to reflect our personality as a couple, and since we never did have official engagement photos taken, we figured this would be a perfect opportunity to snap some fun “official” engagement pictures. We also thought it would be pretty cool to have these photos actually taken in front of each of our chosen landmarks so they could totally reflect the table’s theme. It will be a time consuming project to drive around St. Louis to get photos in front of all nine landmarks, but I think it will be something our guests can enjoy and will appreciate.
Finally, we had to figure out how we wanted to display the photos on each table. It didn’t take long before Joe was able to find exactly what we were looking for online. By using two-sided glass block photo frames, we’ll be able to display the photo so that no matter what side you are looking at the photo from, it will be aesthetically pleasing near the table centerpiece. And since the frames included free engraving, each one will have the name of the landmark etched onto the front of the frame so there will be no question about where the photo was taken! You know I’m all about re-using everything I possibly can after the wedding is over, and with these frames, we’ll be able to replace each photo as we revisit all the landmarks throughout the coming years. How cool would it be to take a photo in front of the St. Louis Arch 50 years from now and be able to display it in the same frame we used on our wedding day?
(Photo Credit:
What are your ideas for totally unique and personalized reception table themes?

My Top 10 Registry Picks

If you love shopping as much as I do, it’s safe to say that creating the wedding registry is one of the most enjoyable parts of this whole planning process. How many times in your life do you get to go on a shopping spree, at any store you wish, making a list of anything you’ve ever wanted?! It’s funny though because initially I wasn’t very excited about the registry. I don’t like asking for money or gifts. (That’s not to say I don’t like getting them… who doesn’t?) I just feel uncomfortable making a long, expecting list of items because it makes me feel greedy. So I had to call my Mom and talk to her about my dilemma, ask her whether it was acceptable if my registry requested a $500 set of All-Clad pans and a $250 single piece of luggage. She put it to me this way: “It’s a wish list that you will only get to create once in your lifetime.” A wish list. I liked the sound of that. Made it seem a little less demanding, less like I expected to be showered with required gifts. She also made a good point, that I would rather get things that I want or need as opposed to a coffee pot that I already have or a toaster oven that I would never use. So once she helped me clear my conscience, I was able to really have fun with the idea of being able to shop for my “wish list”. I found a fine china set that I totally fell in love with and realized there were a few household items I would LOVE to have, but have never set aside the money to buy. So… here are the TOP TEN items that I was so excited to add to our registry!
1 – Lenox Simply Fine ‘Chirp’ 4-Piece Place Setting
2 – The Sharper Image Super Juicer
3 – Hoover Deep Cleaning SteamVac
4 – Progressive Collapsible Cupcake and Cake Carrier
5 – Hamilton Beach 5-Quart Stay or Go Slow Cooker
6 – Delsey Signature Platinum Trolley Tote
7 – Stainless Steel 20-Jar Spice Rack
8 – Lenox Simply Fine ‘Chirp’ Crystal Wine Glasses
9 – Wamsutta Perfection Robin’s Egg Blue Bath Towel Set and Contemporary Home Chinese Red Towel Set
10 – Wine Bottle Wall Ledge in Black
(All photos taken from and
What were your favorite items to register for?

Find 'Get Married' on Newsstands!

When my fiance asked me earlier this week what I wanted to do on Friday night, it didn’t long for me to think about it: “Borders!” I doubt it came to him as any surprise. It’s my favorite date night because for one, it doesn’t cost anything and we’re trying to save money for the wedding fund. Secondly, where else can you browse a store for hours without looking like you’re just lost, and all the while you get to try the products without even having to pay for them? What’s more is, ever since I’ve been planning this wedding, I’m always scouting for the newest wedding books to hit the shelves, and I love checking out all the new bridal magazines as soon as they are on newsstands. So… imagine my absolute DELIGHT when I noticed the Get Married magazine stack sitting within the wedding section, looking so proud and pristine!
(Personal Photo)
It was my very first time seeing the magazine on newsstands, right there amongst all the other national magazines I’ve been reading for the past year. I secretly wanted to toss all the other bridal magazines behind a couch somewhere. None of them were deserving enough to be placed next to Get Married, in my opinion! Although, to be totally honest, Get Married didn’t need my help. It stood out from the other magazines all on it’s own. The bright, cheery cover that displayed the gorgeous centerpiece (featured on a recent episode of Get Married TV) was eye-catching and brilliant. I wanted to pick up the entire magazine stack and run around the store with it. “HAVE YOU SEEN THIS AMAZING NEW WEDDING MAGAZINE?!” I considered shouting to anyone nearby who would listen. Instead, I involuntarily gave an ecstatic squeal (I think I got a few strange looks!) and just smiled as I straightened the stack for the next lucky bride-to-be to come along and discover her new wedding bible.

Our Casual Rehearsal Dinner: The "I Do" BBQ

One of the things I love most about planning a wedding in the 21st century is the ability to put your own personality into everything and bend the “traditional” wedding rules. What used to include a very strict church ceremony coupled with fancy-script invitations and a reception hall decorated in all-white, weddings have since involved into a party-like atmosphere with free reign to truly personalize. Nowadays couples are holding ceremonies outside of churches, moving receptions in backyards, and even scaling down the entire event into a simple, casual celebration. Not only does this make a wedding more unique, but it also sometimes just makes sense for smaller budgets. 
Joe and I had been planning from the very beginning to contribute as much as we possibly could to the expense of our wedding. Being the oldest and first daughter to get married, my parents have been more than gracious in paying for the venue, flowers, my gown, and the food/liquor. That contribution has been tremendously helpful, and we wouldn’t be planning for such a gorgeous event if it wasn’t for their help. By the same token, we’ve been trying to get the very best deals possible on everything from the flowers to DJ, from the videography to the photography. With this, we’ve decided to also scale back the typical “rehearsal dinner” and are opting to make it a more casual barbecue, where the wedding party will truly get an opportunity to become acquainted and have a good time together. 
(Photo Credit:
I’d be fibbing if I said I wasn’t a bit skeptical of this idea at first. Any rehearsal dinner I’ve ever been to involved a reputable restaurant with fancy linens and a delicious plated meal. It included low lighting and upscale dress and formal toasts. But in time, I became more comfortable with the idea of making the rehearsal dinner conform to our personal style. Why did I feel so obligated to have a rehearsal dinner just like everyone else’s? There was no rule book. No one would be offended they weren’t required to dress up in fancy attire or wouldn’t be feasting a $30 plate of food. As far as I’m concerned, my friends and family actually prefer a more casual atmosphere with barbecued American food, a pool table, and a nicely stocked bar. Besides, isn’t the point of a rehearsal dinner to allow everyone in the wedding to mingle before the wedding day? Seems to me it would be much easier for everyone to relax and get to know one another if they don’t feel confined to sitting at their assigned table at a fancy dinner. (Don’t get me wrong – I had a fabulous time at every upscale rehearsal dinner I’ve attended. I have nothing against them, if they are suitable for your guests and you can afford it!)  So Joe and I ultimately decided to save our checkbook and instead, make our own rehearsal dinner tradition. After the ceremony rehearsal takes place, everyone is invited back to my grandparent’s house for some ice cold drinks, fresh burgers, fun games, and wonderful memories. And in all honesty… I couldn’t be more excited!! 
Anyone else having an unusual Rehearsal Dinner? In what unique ways are you changing tradition in order to save money?

Honeymoon, Registries, and Centerpieces... Oh My!

It’s been a rough past week for me… my stepdad was ill in the hospital (he’s back home now), I  came down with a nasty cold (thanks a lot, Fi!) and I’ve been extremely busy with overtime at work (benefitting the wedding fund, so woo hoo!). However, being the relentless planner that I am, I still managed to get a few wedding details out of the way. For starters, we booked our HONEYMOON!
(Photo Credit:
You may have read my blog a few months ago about us wanting to vacation on the brand new Oasis of the Seas cruise ship. However, after re-evaluating our finances and priorities, we ultimately decided to opt for the next best thing. And I’m ecstatic to reveal that we finally booked our honeymoon on the Freedom of the Seas, a 7-day cruise with Royal Caribbean, visiting Cococay in the Bahamas, St. Thomas, and St. Maarten! The ship is just four years old and boasts many of the same amenities as the Oasis… an ice skating rink, rock climbing wall, Ben & Jerry’s, Johnnie Rocketts, Flow Rider surf simulator… not to mention that we have a balcony room, so we’ll be able to enjoy a beautiful ocean view any time of the day! We’ve already begun browsing island excursions, and I’ll definitely blog about them as soon as they are chosen.
(Photo Credit: Google Images)
REGISTRIES! We’d been planning to wait until it was much closer to the wedding, but we couldn’t stay away from those nifty scanner gun any longer. So we finally made registry lists at Target and Bed, Bath and Beyond!! We weren’t too sure what to register for in all honesty, since we have already lived together for two years and have all the basics, and also because we’ll be moving next year and it’s difficult to choose items for a house you haven’t even seen yet. We considered having a “honeymoon registry” and asking for items we could enjoy on the cruise, but the only honeymoon registry websites I could find charged fees on top of the gift and I wanted to avoid added fees at all costs. So we were able to come up with a few things for the registry that have been on our “wish lists”. For one, I’ve been wanting a quality set of luggage for a few years now, and we figured there was no better time to use new luggage than for our honeymoon! I found an amazing 3-piece set at Target, and Joe picked out his own set at BBB. With Joe being a trained chef, he has very expensive tastes in the kitchen, so we had to be very careful with the scanner gun in the cookware aisle. I mostly let him take care of all the must-haves for the kitchen, considering I barely step foot in there anyway. We didn’t even have to search long before we found the perfect linens and table settings that we both just loved. (It makes it so easy that we have similiar tastes!)
We first visited BBB, which was an extremely eye-opening experience considering the never-ending selection of housewares and the dozens of decisions needing to be made. Bone china or stoneware? 6 piece set or 8 piece set? White food processor or black food processor? It was pretty overwhelming, but we had a wonderful registry coordinator to help guide is through the whole process which helped to ease the stress. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to actually use the scanner gun ourselves until we got to Target. I liked this process a little better because we entered our registry information on the kiosk in customer service area all on our own, then had free range (and no pressure) when browsing the store and choosing whatever we wanted. While the two store registry processes were very different from one another, both were tremendously fun.
(Personal Photo)
For our CENTERPIECES, we’d been prepared to do something very simple (and of course, DIY) to stay within our budget. But since I’ve been earning padded paychecks with all the overtime at work, we decided to spend a bit more than originally planned on centerpieces. We’ve decided to keep the same basic idea of floating candles inside three tall cylinder vases, complete with rose petals and Swarovski crystals sprinkled around the candles. But we’ve added a newer, more extravagant element that I am crazy about! We picked up a 15” cylinder vase to add to the center of each table, which will be filled with rustic, towering branches accented with crystal garland. Inside each smaller vase, we’re going to be adding gemstones with submersible floralytes underneath to give them a romantic glow. Last week we ordered most of these table supplies from and will hopefully get them in the mail soon so we can build a “sample” centerpiece. It shouldn’t be too difficult to construct our idea — Joe already created a 3D image on our computer of exactly what the entire centerpiece set will end up looking like… and I LOVE it!